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GTA V – 3 New Trailers Released

Jack Thompson, eat your fucking heart out. Rockstar Games, developers of l’enfant terrible Grand Theft Auto series, have broken the silence on their new sandbox destructothon Grand Theft Auto V and released not 1, but 3 trailers.  Each trailer focuses on one of the main characters you’ll have the misfortune to play. Check them out below:

GTA V – Trailer Michael

Michael’s a fat, suburban criminal, addicted to the rush of chaos. A sweating, womanizing gangster and he fits right in. Where’s the minigame to beat my club against the green?


GTA V – Trailer Franklin

A gangbanger from Los Santos. A killer with a heart of gold, kind of a mix between CJ and Jerry Maguire, I guess. This one has digital lady buttcheeks in it!


GTA V – Trailer Trevor

Like Trailer Park Boys meets Randy Quaid’s character from Independence Day. Actually, probably more like Randy Quaid himself from all the fun he’s been having lately. Did I see a Juggalo in there?

Honestly, my opinion of GTA IV is divided: an amazing open world with nothing interesting to do in it. We’ve paid Rockstar’s ransom demands, and they’ve released their franchise hostages back to the good ol’ state of San Andreas. Grand Theft Auto V is scheduled for parole on September 17, 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360. (No word on next-gen or PC yet)

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