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GRIMES “Genesis” – Music Video Review

GRIMES “Genesis” – Visions (2012)

Grimes is the stage name for a Canadian gal named Claire Boucher. The track “Genesis”, featured below, is a break out hit from her third album “Visions”. She has been described as a mix of Enya meets TLC meets Aphex Twin (sure, why not?) and in 2012 she directed and starred in a music video for the track.

We open on Ms. Boucher who is in the middle of the desert doing what looks like a combination of gothy shadow dancing and a thing called waacking. For a whole minute, she’s doing this in front of a car full of what I can only deduce are her closest friends. Then, we get to the 1:05 mark, the title card hits and things just start getting weird.

Boom, we’re now on a beach and a red fishnet clad maiden with multicolored braid extensions looks as if she’s posessed by Pazuzu (who is either happy or mad that he jumped from Regan into this crazy lady). But, it’s okay because here comes Grimes all dressed up in a bizarre wardrobe mish mash that brings to mind equal parts Genitorturers fetish gear and Madonna circa 1992. Oh yeah, and she’s weilding a sword in a pose reminiscent of CONAN THE BARBARIAN!

Oh Christ, the red fishnetted contact lensed lady posessed by the evil demon Pazuzu now has a sword! If only an all female beach sword fight scene would commence, Aaron would be one happy boy. Well, it doesn’t happen. Instead, it seems that the entire gang got a nice discount with Midieval Collectibles as we see them barreling through the desert in an SUV all hanging out of the car dragging their precious blades through the dirt. Way to treat your weapons, people!

And suddenly, from the desert, to the beach, back to the desert and then transported to a park in…is that Beverly Hills, California? Hell, I don’t know. But now Pazuzu has donned some cybernetic armor and has decided to flaunt it to random passers by who just wanted to walk their dogs in peace. Well, too bad folks! Pazuzu is walking the runway and sucking on a popsicle stick. You got served!

Just when we are almost getting used to this new reality, we’re now teleported into the back seat of a car while Little Miss Grimes pets Britney Spears’ snake while looking outside of the window at the world as it passes by.

Cut to: random cyber goth dance montage in the middle of the desert. If you pay close attention, you’ll see Pazuzu do a piece from the Single Ladies dance.

We’re roughly at the halfway point and now it looks like the gang has taken a break from the day’s shenanigans so they can have a picnic…or maybe drop some acid and talk to trees.

Just when you think the remainder of this spectacle will be the same clips recycled over and over, it’s night time and someone handed Grimes a big ol’ sparkler that she proceeds to wave around at the camera while she sings in a parking lot.

I really have no concept of the timeline here as suddenly it’s daytime again and they’re back in the desert. Someone’s doing backflips and Claire has become one with her mace. It’s when we hit the 4:51 mark, that I begin to think Grimes has slipped me some LSD as I start to understand it all. Claire seems to affirm my suspicions of life and love as she walks towards the camera at dusk, reunited with her sword which is now aflame. Aflame, I say!

The video comes to an end as Grimes blows out her giant sparkler in the vacant parking lot at night and I , just for a second, forget all my troubles and worries and realize we are all one in the world. We are all brothers and sisters, joined together by forces above and beyond. For the prayers to the night beast Zorfax will be answered and all our dreams and fears will come to fruition in an orgasmic explosion of hellfire and beauty. We will pay homage in water and in sand with blades of fire. Absolution is at hand!

And then I wake up confused and unpleasantly wet.

Will someone please tell me what the hell just happened?

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