Anna Kendrick: Accidental Pop Star?

Anna Kendrick is one of the most talented young actresses working today. She rose above her Twilight co-stars with a co-starring role in Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air where she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. She’s starred in critics’ faves like Up in the Air, fanboy’s sweetheart Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and fun summer fluff like Pitch Perfect. 

I knew she could sing since I first saw her in the underrated Camp where she plays a slightly scary aspiring ingenue who will do anything to get her moment in the spotlight. After the main star starts vomiting on stage, she takes her spot and sings a very intense rendition of “Ladies Who Lunch.” Actually it’s such a great moment, you should just watch it for yourself:

After this, she went for more straight acting roles until Pitch Perfect came along. While Pitch Perfect could have been an annoying Glee-at-the-movies experience, its smart script and talented cast made it highly re-watchable flick that I now regret leaving off my Top 10 of 2012 list.  While nearly all the tracks were off the Billboard Top 100 chart, the acapella song that Kendrick’s character performs with cups as her only background music was a standout musical moment. The track was roughly only a minute long,  but it’s now getting a radio-ready remix that could make Anna Kendrick an accidental pop star.

Anna Kendrick

Watch the official music video:

You can also catch some behind the scenes footage in this brief segment from Entertainment Tonight:

If this track blows up, who knows what could be next. Maybe a whole album? Touring? Would you want to see Anna Kendrick as a pop star or do you think she should stick with movies?

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