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Drafthouse Invasion: BAYMAGEDDON

Michael Bay. Just reading the name of the great action director is enough to do a few things to your mind. Some of you will imagine an explosion, some of you will roll your eyes in contempt, some of you will think of Shia LaBeouf running away from Decepticons and screaming “No no no no no no no no no!!!!!” Whatever you think of him, that feeling is strong, and if you hate him, there’s no convincing you otherwise. If you love his films, then you can’t wait to discuss them with fans because that kind of likemindedness amongst movie fans is the stuff dreams are made of.

The Alamo Drafthouse knows this, and because of this, and to celebrate the release of Bay’s newest film PAIN AND GAIN, they have decided to test the human capacity for enduring on-screen explosions and gunfire with a 10 hour Michael Bay marathon. Yes, a BAYMAGEDDON!


If you happen to live in Denver, Austin, Houston, or Kansas City, you too can partake in what will surely be an unforgettable night in your movie loving heart. Each Drafthouse will play 3 mystery Michael Bay films, and then treat the audience to a special early screening of PAIN AND GAIN. I will be there to cover this event, and hopefully afterwards, I’ll still have my eardrums intact.

For tickets in your respective city, you can purchase here:





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