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WRECK-IT-RALPH Blu-ray Review

With every Disney release, I pronounce that “this is their best movie yet!” That is until the next movie is released. Wreck-it-Ralph is my favorite Disney animated movie thus far, but I actually think it will remain at the top of my list for a long time. I usually enjoy watching animated movies with my wife, but Wreck-it-Ralph is one that I saw by myself in theaters. I had the chance to review the Blu-ray release, and fell in love with it all over again. A great voice cast, superb script, and fantastic animation make Wreck-it-Ralph a must-watch for fans of animated movies, let alone fans of Disney.

The film follows Ralph, the villain in his arcade game who lives under the shadow of the hero Fix-it-Felix. Ralph goes through life as an outcast and decides to prove to everyone that he has what it takes to be a hero. After Hero’s Duty, a new first-person shooter, arrives in the arcade, Ralph decides to embark on a journey to prove he is a hero by winning the medal. After sneaking into the game, he inadvertently unleashes a deadly enemy that threatens that threatens the entire arcade.


John C. Reilly is what makes this movie for me, he is perfectly cast as Wreck-it-Ralph. Playing an oafish character is something the comes easy to him for his live-action movies, so this character is a walk in the park. I am not a huge fan of Sarah Silverman as a comedian, but she is perfect as Vanellope von Schweetz. The supporting cast of is equally solid with Jane Lynch as sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun of Hero’s Duty. Jack McBrayer is equally memorable as Felix. I did not know Alan Tudyk and Ed O’Neill were in the film until I watched the film on Blu-ray. Wreck-it-Ralph has to be one of the best cast of an animated film in a long while.

I love Wreck-it-Ralph because it’s a movie that everyone can relate to in some capacity. For me, I actually remember the days of going to the arcade, schilling out quarter after quarter into games at the mall. I also vividly remember the experience of counting out the change that I had amassed over the years and going to the mall to buy my first console system. Videogame’s have been a huge part of my life now that I think of it. Wreck-it-Ralph also appeals to me because of the characters. I think that everyone can relate to feeling disenfranchised from society, and longing to be sought of as a hero. That is one of the main reasons that people play video games, to win a prize and be the hero.

This Wreck-it-Ralph Blu-ray features 1080p/AVC-encoding and 1080p/MVC-encoding for a glorious 3D experience. The colors looked wonderful on the big screen, but it is equally impressive on my home theater. The DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 surround track yearns to be turned up on full blast, and makes me wish I had a better sound system. The overall presentation on these fronts rival that of any prior Disney releases.

Wreck-it-Ralph has wonderful special features, outlined below:

  • Paperman: Theatrical Short: I love this 7-minute short. It was wonderful seeing it in theaters, but looks stunning in HD on my TV. Just one watch will make you realize why it was nominated for an Academy Award. The short is presented in both 3D and 2D.
  • Bit by Bit: Creating the Worlds of Wreck-It Ralph: This 17-minute feature has director Rich Moore, producer Clark Spencer, writer Phil Johnston, art director Mike Gabriel, co-art director Ian Gooding, effects supervisor Cesar Velazquez, animation supervisor Renato Dos Anjos talking about the film’s development, design, animation, and more.
  • Alternate & Deleted Scenes: This 14-minute segment includes the obligatory selection of deleted and alternate footage. It is not a must-watch, but is definitely cool to see if you are fan.
  • Video Game Commercials: My favorite segment of the disc are these four funny commercials for “Fix-It Felix Jr.,” “Sugar Rush,” “Hero’s Duty” and “Fix It Felix Hammer.”
  • Disney Intermission: If you are a fan of Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead) this is a cool feature. During the intermission segments, the Nerdist talks about the various jokes and geek culture references throughout the film.
  • Sneak Peeks: The disc includes trailers for Monsters University, The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mulan and Mulan II, Return to Never Land, Planes, Super Buddies and various Disney Channel ads.

Wreck-it-Ralph is not only fun for the whole family, but a perfect way to give you that retro injection you have been craving. Buy it on the spot in stores this. Order yours today from Amazon.

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