VERONICA MARS Movie Raises $2 Million, Changes Fandom As We Know It

Do you hear that? That is the sound of fandom undergoing a monumental shift thanks to Veronica Mars. Veronica Mars’ Kristen Bell, Rob Thomas, and crew successfully raised $2 million in just under 10 hours on Kickstarter and the game is changed. I’m a longtime follower and participant in cult TV fandoms. I sent in Marschino Cherries for Popular and Tabasco sauce for Roswell. I went to “save the Bluths” screenings and wrote letters for Arrested Development. While Firefly was already cancelled, it was the fervor of the Browncoats and the impressive DVD sales that lead to Serenity. Chuck took a step further and had fans put their money where their mouths were when they really needed the help by having “Chuck Mondays” at Subways where fans would descend upon the chain to show their support by buying a sandwich. That lead to integrated product placement that was obtrusive at times, but it did keep the show running for another season or two. Now, we’re entering the Kickstarter phase.

According to Deadline, Veronica Mars first partnered with WB Digital for help with with distribution, marketing, publicity and legal via Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. They’ll be handling the limited theatrical release followed by On Demand via cable and satellite providers as well as digital retailers. This may change as more money comes in though. This type of deal would first have to be worked out with the other cult shows, seeing as the characters are all probably owned by other properties and would need the greenlight and some distribution model in place before production could begin.

As a fan of the show Veronica Mars, I am happy to see this project not only succeed but to excel so easily. However, I am not looking forward to the deluge of Kickstarter campaigns this will create and the way fandoms will now latch on this method. Ever since Serenity, it feels like every show ends and the cast and fans cry out for a movie. Now those interested will have a platform and means to make that happen.

I could see 24, fresh off news that the movie is stalled again, taking advantage of this platform. Chuck’s Zachary Levi has already taken note of this success:




What other cult TV shows do you think will be following this new model? Do you think this will change Kickstarter as well as fandom?
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