TRACK LIFE: HEALTH – “Nice Girls” (Little Loud Remix)

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Welcome to Track Lifea new daily column in which Jacob Knight shares what he thinks to be the best in music, both new and old.

HEALTH does one thing that most other bands of their generation should take note of: a few months following each album of original material, they drop a record of straight remixes, offering some of the best up and coming electro artists the opportunity to chop and repurpose their favorite cuts off of the group’s newly released album. In some cases, these re-appropriations turn out to be instant classics (see Crystal Castles’ rendition of “Crimewave“), while others simply yield interesting oddities (Salem’s take on “In Violet” sounds simply like a Salem cut with Jacob Duzsik’s androgynous vocals guiding the way).

Little Loud’s remix of “Nice Girls” fits easily into the “instant classic” column, as the UK producer turns HEALTH’s tense, chugging banger into a tropical getaway. Gone is the wave of distortion and pounding drums, replaced with shimmering synths and island steel drums. The song actually begins with throbbing drum machines, scoring an intimate love scene that has yet to be written in your head, before breaking out into a full on disco break. Duzsik’s vocals are still there, but they’ve been chopped and layered to the point that they no longer act as words, but part of the beat itself. And once the final breakdown kicks in, with a wobbly, underwater layer of uptempo synthesizer, I find it hard to remain pinned down to whatever seat I’m currently in.

2010 yielded a ton of great electronic tracks, but this one is still my favorite, as every time I drop that needle it reminds me that pure, escapist bliss still exists in the world.



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Jacob Knight

Jacob Knight is a screenwriter, novelist and journalist from Slotter, Mass. He is most times fueled by scotch, horror films and the Criterion Collection. He currently resides in Philadelphia, PA with his wife and cantankerous Westie pup.