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SXSW 2013: What to See, What to See?

Every year film-goers try to find the best of the best and the hidden gyms of each year of the SXSW Film Festival.  My SXSW 2013 list is a living thing, changing with each passing day and it will continue to do so throughout the festival itself.  As SXSW Film moves closer, only a day away now, I think have my must sees in my sights.  As the festival starts, so does the buzz and I’m sure my list will morph with the commentary from my fellow filmophiles.  This year is a great year to be covering film, but still not get left out of the fun of the music portion of SXSW.  There are some awesome music films to take part in this year, several of which made my must see list, almost all of which made my try-to-see list.  What follows is my MUST SEE list as it stands currently.  Let me know if you feel I’ve left anything out!


Evil Dead
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
When Angels Sing


Narrative Spotlight:

The Bounceback
Drinking Buddies
Much Ado About Nothing
Zero Charisma
Grow Up, Tony Phillips


Documentary Spotlight:

I Am Devine
Good Ol’ Freda
We Cause Scenes



Everyone’s Going to Die
These Birds Walk
The Wait


24 Beats Per Second:

Good Vibrations
The Punk Singer


SX Global:

And Who Taught You to Drive
The Fifth Season
The Punk Syndrome


Festival Favorites:

Before Midnight
Don Jon’s Addiction
Prince Avalanche



Cheap Thrills
Big Ass Spider!
Plus One


One of the events I am looking most forward to is Sound City with Dave Grohl and Stevie Nicks in attendance along with a guest list that I can only guess at for now.  I can’t wait to see who is present for this documentary about a legendary sound studio…if those walls could talk.  Woefully missing from this list are the shorts, which I am still sifting through and there are several on my radar.

During the week of film and straddling music, I will be living out of my car, as well as friends’ shops, salons and bars that are nearby the theaters I will be frequenting.  I look forward to the experience again this year and can’t wait to share all the amazing insanity and excessive fun there is to be had at this fest.  Now…what to wear?

Watch my Twitter feed @CatEdison  and @ScreenInvasion or all my updates and misadventures.  I’ll be posting photos on Screen Invasion’s Facebook Page as well!  Check out more film fest coverage by our great team HERE.

Do you agree with my picks?  Is there something you think is missing?  Let me know what and why in the comments or on Twitter so I can add it to my list!


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