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Steam Box Pre-Order Details Revealed by Xi3

With all the Playstation 4 and Xborks 720 (or whatever they’re going to call it) hoopla rumbling about these days, it’s easy to forget about the fact that Valve, creator of the Steam platform, is creating a freakin’ game console as well. The Linux-based device  is expected to run every game released on its service and be formatted specifically for large screen TV’s. Steam’s “Big Picture Mode” launched back in December, heralding the final frontier of the PC: your living room.

Xi3, one of the hardware developers working with Valve, announced the first tangible pre-order details for its own Steam Box, codenamed “Piston”.

steam box

The Good

  • Clearly states starting list price ($999 USD).
  • Pre-order bonus of $100 if ordered during SXSW (ends 3/18)
  • Freaking crap-ton of USB ports, including HDMI support
  • Small, portable, and solid state methodology means quiet, low-wattage system
  • Will be an officially sanctioned Steam Box


The Bad

  • Clearly states starting list price echoing the PS3. “Nine hundred and ninety nine US dollars.” Wow. You could get 2 PS4’s for that much. Still better than most high-end gaming rigs, but price point is straight-up sticker shock.
  • Vague on GPU and type of RAM.
  • Vague release date. You’re asking for a grand and not telling me when it will ship. Boo.
  • Upgrade details also unclear. How/cost of upgrades?
  • Details are specifically about X74 Modular Computer, not a final Piston console. Announcement is a tad confusing.

Here’s Xi3’s SXSW 2013 Panel from Friday (via NGN)

If you were at SXSW 2013 and have any hands-on stories about the Steam Box, contact me on the Twitters at @carlwilhoyte and tell me what you thought!


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Carl Wilhoyte would very much like a Steam Box. Just to be cool for once. Send him some love on the Twitters at @carlwilhoyte.

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