SOUTH PARK March Madness: Top 32 Episodes

Welcome back to South Park March Madness! On Monday, we took our original bracket of 64 episodes, and knocked it down to 32. You can see that full post here!  Well if you were upset that one of your favorites was eliminated, then today is your lucky day. Starting with this round, all of the matchups will be decided by you, the fans! Voting has already started, and will be open until 5 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, March 12th. Our writers will provide varied arguments  but in the end, you will be the deciding factor! With that said, let’s take one more look at the bracket, before we dive right into it, starting with the upper left bracket!

South Park Bracket 2nd Round

Upper Left Bracket

Scott Tenorman Must Die-  One of the greatest bands in the world guest star (with their real voices to boot) and Cartman undergoes his final shift from annoying, needy fat kid to South Park’s malevolent super villain. What more could you ask for from a South Park episode?- Gabriel Ruzin

Christian Hard Rock- This episode is harsh reality for anyone who has ever started a band (myself included). But the ones who sexualize religion? No dice! Cartman’s got you squah in the nuts!- Michael O’Brien

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Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes- Wal-Mart finds a way to perfectly toe the line between classic South Park humor and their current trend of pop culture infused humor.  Throw in the fact that Randy is the featured character in this episode, and it easily holds up against virtually any episode on this bracket. – Kevin Taylor

Imaginationland- In this mammoth and ambitious three-parter, the kids enter a world consisting of every imaginative being created by humanity, who are then held hostage by a group of terrorists.  For pop-culture junkies the episode is a gold-mine, as practically every freeze-frame is full of countless fictional characters from literature, movies, and TV shows, as well as the return of several made-up creations from the show’s earlier seasons. – Daniel Johnson

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Broadway Bro-Down- Parker and Stone’s experience with their “Book of Mormon” Broadway Show aided them greatly in this hilarious send-up of musical shows, with Randy learning that the real reason Sondheim and the other great playwrights created their masterworks was so they could subliminally cause women to want to give men blow-jobs after watching their shows.  The high point comes when Randy sees a showing of “Wicked” with the word “blow-job” inserted numerous times into the theatrical numbers.

Child Abduction Is Not Funny-  This was an iconic episode for me growing up, mainly due to the chief character featured in it: Toung Lu Kim. In this episode, he must build a wall around the city to protect the citizens from child abducters, but he runs into some unexpected adversaries in Colorado: The Mongolians.- Kevin Taylor

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Fatt Butt and Pancake Head- J. Lo. Ben Affleck. J-Fleck. J Blo? Baffleck? Who cares? Mitch Conner arrives on the scene…everyone’s favorite hand puppet con artist. Also, Ben Affleck spooge.- Michael O’Brien

It Hits the Fan- Parker and Stone send up television censorship by turning this episode into 24 minutes of “shit” being inserted into conversation in every way imaginable. And for those who wish to keep track, there’s a handy-dandy counter in the corner of the screen. Shit, what a classic.- Gabriel Ruzin

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