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SOUTH PARK March Madness: Final Four

March is winding down, and as it does, the South Park Episodes get fewer! Three weeks, ago, we had our Top 64 episodes in South Park History.  Now, we have just four. Check out our updated bracket, with the Final 4 episodes that you guys voted on!

 South Park Bracket Final Four


Left Side


Scott Tenorman Must Die– How do you top this episode? It really is hard to do. Scott Tenorman went there. It was the first time that Trey Parker and Matt Stone really made it clear that they didn’t care what they did. And we loved it. The pleasure Scott Tenorman takes in toying with Cartman throughout only makes it better when he literally pays the ultimate price at the end. Simply put, this is an iconic episode, and it’s really hard to go against it.

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers– I often like to say that South Park is a show that has divided itself into two sorts of humor. The first half of the show was based solely in ridiculous, off-the-wall random comedy that was utterly brilliant. As the show got older, it adpoted a more pop culture based humor, that kept the show on there. Lord of the Rings was one of the first, and is to date, the best. The boys quest to get Back Door Sluts 9 (BACKDOOR SLUTS 9!) from Butters.  Along the way, they make awesome references to the movie, while providing old school comedy. If you can pick five episodes to show someone who has never seen South Park before, this would be up there. Simpy brilliant.

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LOTR-South Park

Right Side


Make Love, Not Warcraft– Speaking of pop-culture based humor episodes, this one is another at the top of the list. Literally set half in the World of Warcraft, this episode was another step in the evolution, while also providing some classic pop and fat joke humor with it. This is another episode that immediately jumps to mind for the newer South Park fan, and it’s no wonder this iconic episode has made it this far. The question is, can it knock off the cinderella of the tournament?

The Death of Eric Cartman– The cinderella. The underdog. That’s this episode of South Park. Originally ranked an #11 seed, this episode has cruised past tough competition. And for good reason too. We have already highlighted it’s epic opening sequence. We also have a cameo from a fellow Final 4 episode, Scott Tenorman! This episode has butters, a musical montage, references to old school episodes, and Cartman asshole jokes. What more could you ask for?

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It’s in your hands again guys! This time, follow the links and vote on facebook! The polls will be open for a week, then we will vote on the finals next week!

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