SOUTH PARK March Madness: Elite 8!

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We have entered the second half of March, and that means that things are really starting to heat up here at South Park March Madness! Last week, we knocked 16 episodes down to our Elite Eight, but not without some close calls. One of our #1 seeds, Lord of the Rings, edged out cult classic Butters’ Own Episode in a last minute run off. Without further ado, here are the eight episodes that you will soon whittle down to four!

South Park Bracket Elite Eight

Upper Left Bracket


Scott Tenorman Must Die-  Scott Tenorman took South Park to the next level. It’s almost crazy to say that given that not only was the show in it’s 5th season, but there had already been a widely popular movie made. But Scott Tenorman showed us just how far Matt Stone and Trey Parker were willing to go, and more importantly, showed the world how extreme popular TV could be. This episode is an all-time classic, and anything short of a birth in the Final 4 would not give this episode justice.  Kevin Taylor

Child Abduction is Not Funny- Child Abduction is one of the two Cinderella stories left in the bracket, along with fellow #11 seed Death of Eric Cartman. And this episode is here for good reason. The scenes are seeminglessly woven together, moving from the City Wok owner and his wall battle with the Mongolians, to the parents believing everyone is a child abductor. It’s an incredible satire on many levels, while also being the usual slapstick humor we are used to with this brilliant show. Daniel Johnson


Lower Left Bracket


Lord of the Rings– Lord of the Rings, or The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers as it’s properly called, survived the lone runoff we’ve had in the bracket so far, winning a heated battle with Butters’ Own Episode. Why did it win? It could be the amazing mistake of sending your children to drop Back Door Sluts 9 off at your friend’s place? Or the ultimate diss to Harry Potter fans midway through the episode. But perhaps the biggest compliment to this episode. It began the current trend of pop culture based humor that the show has predominantly been for years now, and to this day, it is one of, if not the, best pop culture episode. – Kevin Taylor

Awesom-O–  If Butters is featured in an episode, you can bet that it’s a classic. The character who never fails to provide his own unique form of humor shines in this classic, where Cartman plays dress up. More so than their classic interactions, I love the way that Awesm-O becomes a hit movie writer, where all his ideas are simply dumb things that Adam Sandler does. And the extremes that this episode goes to at the end. Does this make me human? Or this? An episode that delivers great content and laughs throughout it’s 21+ minutes, it very much earns a spot in the Final 4! – Daniel Johnson


Upper Right Bracket


Casa Bonita- After narrowly defeating What You Can Do With Your Finger, Casa Bonita moves on to the next round. Don’t forget, in this episode, Cartman, having not been invited to Kyle’s birthday party puts a plan into action to hide Butters so that he can go in Butters’ place. While the town searches for Butters, Cartman is forced to fool him into believing the world has ended, hiding him in Jimbo’s bomb shelter and a refrigerator. If for nothing else, this episode features some of Cartman’s most conniving behavior and a classic sequence as he rushes through the themed restaurant, hoping to experience every feature. “More sopapillas, please!” At least Cartman remembers his manners.- Michael O’Brien

Make Love, Not Warcraft-  The boys’ fun-filled day of playing World of Warcraft is ruined when an unshaven and obese griefer kills them all in town, something that should be impossible. The offending player is so powerful in game that the WoW creators themselves are helpless to stop him, which they fear may lead to the end of the world (of Warcraft). Not if the boys can help it. Thanks to 21-hour play days, a bevy of Hot Pockets and Red Bulls, and Mrs. Cartman’s handy poo tray, the foursome become powerful in their own right (as well as morbidly obese and riddled with acne), but not quite strong enough to save the world. Enter Randy, a WoW noob tasked with delivering the Sword of a Thousand Truths to the team before it’s too late. The combination of a typically-immature Mr. Marsh, ridiculous yet contemporary humor, and unique machinima animation makes for an enduring classic. – Gabriel Ruzin


Lower Right Bracket


Asspen- If this episode was only 20 minutes of Stan training to the now canonical “Montage Song”, it would still be a classic. But there’s more. A lot more. The Jud Crandall (Pet Semetary) character makes his second appearance in the show warning Stan of the K-13 slope. There’s a whole lotta 80’s sports movie references with a b-plot focusing on a timeshare gag that keep the laughs rolling in.- Michael O’Brien

Death of Eric Cartman- After all the wrongs that Cartman has perpetrated towards his ‘friends’ over the years, the final straw arrived in this episode: Eric making use of a distraction to eat the skin off every piece of chicken from the boys’ KFC bucket. Enraged, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny resolve to pretend that Cartman no longer exists, an act that the rest of the kids at South Park Elementary are more than happy to participate in, save an oblivious Butters. Naturally, Eric assumes he must have died and only Butters can see his incorporeal form. What follows is typical South Park – Eric commits a slew of good deeds in an unsuccessful attempt to free his tortured ghost soul from its earthly bounds (while the rest of the town looks on confusedly) while Butters is committed to an asylum and hours of rehabilitation via anal drilling machine in one of the best (and wrongest) sight gags in the show’s history. – Gabriel Ruzin


You guys have a week to help us determine what episodes will make the Final Four! We have two #1 seeds left. Will both them advance? Will one of our two cinderella #11 seeds make it to the next round. Vote to help reach the outcome!

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