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SNL Highlight: Kevin Hart Plays the Race Card on THE WALKING DEAD

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live was overall a weak and unfunny outing largely in part to the writing. Kevin Hart seemed game and fully committed the jokes he was given, but this was just a forgettable episode throughout. The only SNL sketch I want to highlight was their take on The Walking Dead and how they continue to underrepresent black people in this post-apocalyptic world. While T-Dog survived far longer than most were expecting, his demise coincided with the arrival of a new black prisoner – as if they can only have one person of color in the group at a time. But that’s the more serious side of things, take a look at how Kevin Hart plays the race card to try to stay alive in this sketch:


Other notable SNL moments:

  • “Saying you’re less racist now is like getting pulled over for a DUI and telling the cop, ‘I’ve been drunker!’ ….I mean, really?!” – Really?! With Seth and Kevin
  • “I got this thing where after I fall asleep, my moustache is gonna slide down my face and choke me to death.” – Steve Harvey Show: Phobias
  • Korean high five! – Weekend Update

SNL Kevin Hart

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