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George R.R.Martin’s epic saga A Song of Ice and Fire is so vast and intricate that it dwarfs (no pun intended) the works of contemporary fiction writers. And the like many great works of literature its adaptation to the screen has also received great praise perhaps because it deviates so little from the novels. Series one of Game of Thrones mirrors the first book, A Game of Thrones, nearly exactly while the second series, based mainly on the novel A Clash of Kings, strays slightly more from the text. For instance, Arya pays no mind to Tywin Lannister while she is trapped at Harrenhal.  The climax of the two series is of course the Battle of Blackwater, Tyrion’s brightest moment but a bit short lived compared to the books which makes it out as a much longer struggle at sea rather than land.

But what can we expect from the soon-to-be-upon-us third series? Sean Davies has a few ideas…

Season three is based on Martin’s A Storm of Swords, a fan favorite and a brick of a tome.  So dense in fact, they’re splitting the contents across two seasons.  So we thought we’d give our thoughts and predictions as to what we’ll be seeing this season, and maybe just as important, what we’ll have to wait another year for.

Warning: thar’ be massive spoilers below!

Across the Narrow Sea


After an Undying barbecue and sending Xaro Xhoan Daxos to timeout infinity, Dany has money now.  Enough to buy a ship.  But what she still needs is an army.  Enter: The Unsullied.  From the teasers, and some of the casting announcements, it’s clear the eunuch slave army will take up the majority of Dany’s story.  But with the confirmed appearance of Daario, a mercenary captain who catches Dany’s eye, there’ll be plenty of sexy fun in Slaver’s Bay. While a huge chunk of the book surrounds her siege of Yunkai, we’re guessing that’s being put on the back burner for season four.

The North, the Wall, and Beyond.

Jon finally sees how the other side lives.  And with the affections of a fire-kissed beauty, he’ll get a glimpse of what his life could be like outside The Night’s Watch.  In the trailers we get a glimpse of Mance Rayder scaling the wall, so the obvious conclusion to season three is the Wildling assault.  But we think that might be a tease, and the full assault will have to wait another year.

The events of Winterfell at the end of Season 2 were a little vague.  Look for the first few episodes of season three to flesh that out a bit more, with some more appearances by Alfie Allen as Theon, which is a bit of a departure from the books, as Theon doesn’t make another appearance until book five.  An interesting thing to note however, is that Ramsay Bolton, the malicious and duplicitous lord who captures Theon and burns Winterfell, is not yet on the cast list.

King’s Landing


You can’t keep a good imp down.  And early in the season, Tyrion will find himself being married off to Sansa.  The appearance of Qyburn, Joffrey’s personal torturer, will drive our hatred of the boy king to a new level.  And we think we’ll get to see his wedding to Margaery Tyrell.  And more importantly, the wedding party.  The final episode may see a fleeing Sansa and an imprisoned Tyrion, but unfortunately not much of Dorne.  The Red Viper is almost certainly gonna have to wait until season four.

The Riverlands

Jaime and Brienne’s journey will leave him with five less fingers, but we’ll also get to see another side of him.  Book three introduced him as a POV character, and hopefully season three will grow him into an empathetic force.  Expect for their journey to climax in Harrenhal, with his rescue of Brienne. But their return to king’s landing will come in 2014.

Arya’s respite with the Brotherhood without Banners will comprise most of her time in season three.  We’ll see the epic fight between Beric and the Hound (clips from the trailers look awesome), and learn more about R’Holler from the red priest, Thoros.

Robb will have to deal with the consequences of following his heart.  The Tullys will become important in dealing with the political battles as he struggles with the war. And what about the question every fan is wondering?  Yes, with episode nine entitled “The Rains of Castamere,” a certain colorful wedding will most likely finish his story line in season three.  Gods I hate those Freys and Boltons.

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