Early Oscar Buzz for Untitled David O. Russell Abscam Project

Director David O. Russell (Silverlings Playbook) has brought together a stellar cast for his latest project, a dramatic historical thriller. Picture feathered hair, bellbottoms, tape recorders, backroom dealings, double-crossing and a groovy soundtrack! Oh Yes! He’s working again with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper while rounding out the cast with dramatic heavyweights Christian Bale and Amy Adams.

This as yet untitled project, currently filming in Boston, tells the true story of Abscam, a 1970’s FBI sting operation that enlisted con man Melvin Weinberg (played by Christian Bale) and his mistress (played by Amy Adams) to expose the corruption and bribery of United States Congressmen.

Expect great plot twists as the tables turn on criminals, mobsters and politicians, in backroom dealings orchestrated under the watchful eye of rouge FBI agent Jimmy Boyle (played by Bradley Cooper). From the political end of the story, watch for Angelo Errichetti leader of the New Jersey State Assembly (played by Jeremy Renner) to offer political intrigue.

With a stacked cast like this it’s no surprise there is already 2014 Oscar buzz surrounding this project.  It’s scheduled for a limited release on December 13 2013, with a wide release around Christmas.

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