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ARCHER, “The Papal Chase” Episode Recap

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Honestly, I prepped myself for a ton of lazy Catholic jokes when I learned that Archer was doing an episode about the Pope, which we got, but “The Papal Chase” ended up exceeding my expectations even though it was just another standard attempt by the show.

The Vatican hired ISIS because there was a plot by the Swiss Guard to assassinate the Pope. Since apparently the Catholics are nothing more than racist homophobes (and because Cyril had an odd aversion to church stuff), Archer and Pam were tapped to head to Rome until Mallory realized that they were both under-qualified, which meant Lana had to babysit them. Along the way, they decided to use Woodhouse as a decoy, but things obviously got out of hand after Pam almost killed the real Pope. Cue the bad guys barging in and starting a firefight/car chase that allowed everyone to realize that the Cardinal who hired ISIS was behind the entire assassination plot because he would have been elected to be the next Supreme Pontiff, and he got them involved so it would look like he was protecting the Holy Father while expecting ISIS to fail.


Like I said, “The Papal Chase” was nothing special from a plot standpoint, but enough jokes that landed to keep me happy. It was also nice to see Pam finally out in the field on her first mission mostly because she shook things up just enough while not getting in the way. Plus, her rapport with Sterling’s so great that she was an instant upgrade over Cyril and Ray to a lesser extent. I also have to give the episode some credit for building off the relationship drama between Archer and Lana that was underlined last week. Not too shabby when it was all said and done.

Other Odds and Ends:

  • Yea for our weekly dose of Krieger insanity!
  • Oh yeah, Ron was something that happened at some point in time.
  • I wanted to hate the blasphemy running gag, but it did make me chuckle.
  • But the “ha” gag did get old fast.
  • The reason behind Cyril’s issue with church stuff: a role-play involving Lana dressed up in a skimpy nun’s costume gone wrong… and the fact that he hates going on missions with Archer.
  • Father Guido Sardouchebag!
  • Digging all of the X-Men talk as of late.
  • “Jazz hands!”
  • “Luther had some valid complaints.”

I have to admit that I got a kick out of “The Papal Chase,” but that’s probably because I’ve lowered my standards when it comes to Archer to the point where a few funny jokes and the slightest plot/character developments are enough. Regardless, it was thirty-minutes well spent. Thoughts?

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