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ARCHER, “Live and Let Dine” Episode Recap

I’ve been pretty lukewarm towards this season of Archer, but “Live and Let Dine” was the first episode that I did not care for at any level because it ended up being a giant waste of time.

In order to protect the Albanian ambassador and protect the United States relationship with the country, ISIS went undercover at a high-class restaurant to work security. The catch was the owner/head chef, Lance Casteau (voiced by Anthony Bourdain), was filming a Hell’s Kitchen-esque reality television show called Bastard Chef. The bulk of the episode revolved around the agents putting up with Casteu’s abuse while Mallory had Cheryl/Carol and Pam try to get her a reservation. As it turned out, Mallory had created a fake threat to the ambassador with hopes of getting into Casteau’s restaurant, but there was a twist. Casteau ended up killing the ambassador for $6 million and was there to make ISIS look bad. To add to the craziness, Barry and Katia were the one’s who hired Casteau in the first place.


Now, I’ll fully admit that I have not watched a second of Hell’s Kitchen or No Reservations, so most of the jokes revolving around these kind of shows were lost on me, and I didn’t find Casteau amusing at all which was another strike. On top of that, the fact that the entire mission was a hoax created by Mallory came off as a giant middle finger, and she wasn’t even funny thus adding insult to injury. The only bright spots had to do with Sterling’s realization that he could have a career outside of the secret spy world, and the reveal that the KBG was behind the ambassador’s death. Other than that, “Live and Let Dine” brought nothing to the table.

Other Odds and Ends:

  • The running gag of Sterling dropping bowls was this show at its worst. It felt like I was watching an episode of Family Guy.
  • OK, Pam being a part of an underground fish-fighting ring was a little funny.
  • I know that FX loves to let its shows get away with all kinds of sex-related stuff, but Cheryl giving a handy so Mallory could get into a swanky restaurant crossed a line in my opinion.

Look, I don’t need every episode to build to something bigger or be full of substance, but Archer needs to make me laugh and feel like watching it was time well spent. “Live and Let Dine” did none of those things. Sure, my issues could be unfair since I didn’t have any familiarity with the reality shows it was aping, but there have been numerous episodes built around things that I haven’t seen but I still enjoyed them because they were funny. This one wasn’t. What did everyone else think? Did you appreciate the jabs at cooking shows or were they also over your head? Sound off in the comments section.

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