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If you woke up one morning and found that your dog wasn’t in your house anymore, how would you react? In Quentin Dupieux’s film Wrong, we’re taken on an interesting journey when Dolph Springer, a man who has been fired from his job for 3 months but continues to go to it for some strange reason, wakes up one morning to find that he has lost his dog. It visibly makes him distraught, so he begins to try to take his mind off of this by calling a pizza place and talking about their logo, after that he begins to go on with his day. When he returns home, he finds some flowers and a note that says to call a number about his dog. He meets up with this person, Master Chang, the next day and he says that he kidnapped Dolph’s dog. Master Chang kidnaps dogs and returns them so that the owner will show their dog more love. After Master Chang reveals that the person who did the kidnapping was in an accident and Dolph’s dog got out of the accident alive, Dolph embarks on an absurd mission to find his beloved companion all while changing the lives of some rather interesting people.




I don’t want to give away what happens in the end, because you will definitely enjoy seeing how it all unfolds when you see it for yourself. Jack Plotnick and the rest of the cast  of Eric Judor, Alexis Dziena, Steve Little, William Fichtner, and Regan Burns are wonderful. Everyone is unique, quirky, strange, and incredibly lovely. Each of the characters are people I’m sure we all might have come across at some point in our lives.

My major peeve with the film was that the sound mixing in felt awkward sometimes, with some sounds not matching up to how they are in real life. But perhaps this was intentional to make the audience pay attention. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed the way the film was shot. It has really gorgeous cinematography. The neighborhood Dolph lives in is so pretty and quiet, I’d love to live there. It seems like the perfect little suburban neighborhood where everyone probably knows each other.

The film has been released on VOD for Direct TV, Dish, Indemand, TVN, ATT, and iTunes today! It will be theatrically released on March 29.



Watch the trailer  and check out the poster for the film below:



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