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TOP GUN 3D Let’s You Feel The Need For Speed – Blu-ray Review

Top Gun‘s  “I feel the need, the need for speed” is a line that is right up there with Die Hard‘s “Yippee Kay Yay” and Back to the Future’s “Roads, Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads”.Without this movie Tom Cruise‘s million-dollar smile would not be as popular as it is today. Also, the United States Navy would not have as many pilots. After the movie was released, pilot applications increased by 500 percent!

A 3D Special Edition set arrives in stores on February 19th. It features a two disc Blu-ray set, which also comes with a 2D copy of the movie, and a bunch of bonus material. Unlike many special edition’s, the main star actually took time to be involved in the process, and what we get is some cool new content with Tom Cruise. There are behind the scenes featurettes, interviews the cast, and music videos for “Danger Zone,” and “Take My Breath Away”. The awkward song “Playing With The Boys”does not get a video thankfully. One of the coolest bits is the six part documentary titled Danger Zone: The Making of Top Gun.

If you have not seen Top Gun, what are you waiting for. Stop reading this and head right out to buy this item immediately. Directed by Tony Scott, and written by Jim Cash and Jack Epps, Jr., the story takes us behind-the-scenes of Top Gun, the Navy’s prestigious fighter pilot training school. It follows Maverick (Tom Cruise) and Goose (Anthony Edwards) on their mission to be the best of the best. Along the way Maverick romances a flight instructor played by Kelly McGillis.

The entire cast is solid, and very believable in their roles. Tom Cruise puts forth an amazing  performance, that I consider to be the highlight of the film. Anthony Edwards is a perfect match to play Cruise’s co-pilot. Meg Ryan looks even younger in this film, than she does in When Harry Met Sally. I have always had trouble with the relationship between Maverick and Kelly McGillis’s character. Val Kilmer, Tom Skerrit and Michael Ironside each do a great job in their roles as well.


This is by far the best verion of  Top Gun, then this is the version you should watch without question. Not only is this a fun action-adventure film, but it is one of the most realistic military films that I remember seeing. Tony Scott started the trend, and has continued to use it in his films since. Scott has done some fantastic movies. My favorite’s include Days of Thunder, True Romance and The Last Boyscout. Top Gun is the movie that made him a household name as well as Cruise. Top Gun is a perfect film to watch with your significant other because there is enough action and romance mixed together to keep everyone happy.

Paramount has done a fantastic job of converting this classic into 3D. The aerial fight scenes look especially wonderful, and make this one of the best 3D Blu-ray’s available. Top Gun has not looked this good, frankly since it’s initial release. If you have seen this movie in 2D, prepare to be amazed with this version.Top Gun Blu-ray 3D arrives in stores on February 19, and is definitely worth picking up.
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