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Thirsty Thursdays: TOP GUN Drinking Game

Top Gun is a modern classic. Starring Tom Cruise at his peak, Val Kilmer, and a young Meg Ryan – it had the biggest stars of the time! There’s a volleyball montage, flexing, testosterone, and even a couple amazing musical moments. For the Top Gun drinking game, grab a Grey Goose, in honor of the pilot, with your favorite mixer and get ready to have a good time.

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Watch the Top Gun trailer to get pumped:

Print out the Top Gun drinking game rules from our friends at Drinking Cinema:


Drink whenever:

  • Maverick is a maverick! Whether it’s playing volleyball in jeans or disobeying every single order by his commanding officer, Maverick plays by his own rules.
  • You see a faceless commie pilot. For some reason these guys don’t have any sweet call signs, like Wolfman or Stinger.
  • Maverick has daddy issues. Don’t worry, he gets closure by (SPOILER ALERT) throwing his dad’s dog tags into the ocean at the end. Wait, those were Goose’s dog tags?? Jesus, what’s wrong with you, Maverick? Surely his wife will want those!
  • Men are sweating like crazy. Pretty sure Tony Scott just sprayed mineral oil on all the actors every time they walked through a doorway.
  • You see an awesome regulation mustache. Of course, Maverick has to break the rules yet again and go for a regulation unibrow instead.
  • It’s obvious that fly boys have no respect for personal space and talk WAY too close (or just close enough?). Personally I was hoping this would lead to some sweaty locker room wrestling but it looks like we’ll have to settle for talking so close they are practically kissing.
  • Someone wears sunglasses indoors. Double drink if their entire face is covered with sweat.
  • There is a sexual innuendo, intentional or otherwise. Bonus points if you can come up with one of your own!
  • Drink every time there is extremely graphic silhouetted tongue kissing. Was licking the roof of someone’s mouth a “thing” in the 80’s?
  • Pour one out for a pilot’s death, then pour out another for worst bereavement pep talk EVER. Trust me, you’ll need a drink since this third-act shocker carpetbombs the entire movie, and it doesn’t recover until you get to see Iceman in his dress whites.

Top Gun is available on Blu-ray/DVD from Amazon. 

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