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The Walking Dead Post Mortem: “I Aint No Judas” Episode

Greetings fellow zombie lovers and fans of Andrea-centric episode; this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “I aint no Judas” was unfortunately the weakest episode season 3 has offered up so far, and while it wasn’t terrible, it was very indicative of the continuing narrative struggles that plague the series. There were lots of repetitive scenes and uninteresting conversations and there is no way I’m re-hashing all that here. So in honor of the Oscars, and because this episode didn’t really engage me enough for serious analysis, I will be doing this recap awards show style…sans the glamour, glitz, and red carpet fashion gibber-gabber one would typically associate with an Awards show.

Best amateur zombie dentist…..And the award goes to….

Daniel Day-Lewis!?!

What the hell??  Okay, since Mr. Day Lewis is far too busy winning Oscars for his amazing performances in serious adult films this will have to go to Andrea, who is clearly a fan of the film America History X. Ironically, Andrea busting the walker’s teeth out on that rock was arguably the best zombie gore-gag of the season three, and it happened to take place in what was, in my opinion, the worst episode of season three thus far. Andrea is a tough customer, that’s for certain; however, I hope her brains and brawn would achieve a degree of alignment before the season’s end. Andrea’s trying to do what’s right, but she doing it all wrong, and much like season 2 when she threw her hat in with Shane, she’s backing the wrong guy once again. The writers need to make us understand why Andrea keeps doing this. Why is she drawn to villains who posture as heroes? There are many shows on television that flat-out abuse flashbacks as a storytelling tool, The Walking Dead on the other hand doesn’t utilized them that often. They need to change that: a flashback to Andrea’s past before the zombie outbreak that sheds some light on her decision making process in the present might not be the worst idea at this point.

The Walking Dead

Best Song….And the award goes to…

Tom Waits and Beth Green!!

The scenes where Beth Green serenades her fellow survivors are two for two now in my book. This was downright excellent stuff, in a very so-so-so episode. I don’t know if it was Beth’s lovely singing voice, or the dimly-lit yet warm visual ambiance of the scene, but something just worked for me. It didn’t hurt that her song choice “Hold On” is one of my favorite Tom Waits tunes. Tom Waits and The Walking Dead. Why hasn’t this connection been made before? His entire discography is full of deep fried grimy gothic horror song-stories. Like flashbacks, songs and music in general (of the non-creepy background/mood setting variety) are not something that The Walking Dead makes use of often. Robert Kirkman and the other writers may want to reconsider this in season 4. Wanton violence as entertainment and emotional catharsis has its limits, and as I mentioned last week, these people don’t always have the most interesting things to discuss when there not killing zombies or each other. Both scenes where Beth has graced us with a tune have been fantastic and genuinely poignant. Don’t be afraid to show a softer, more sensitive side, Walking Dead.

Best COLD AS ICE Moment…And the award goes to…


Andrea’s visit to the prison wasn’t met with too much warmth and jubilation by Team Rick, but Michonne’s speech to Andrea was especially brutal; more importantly though, it shed some light on her motivations as a character and her own personal code of ethics. Some critics have complained that Michonne’s mistrust/hatred of the Governor never seemed justified, and I have to admit her initial distrust of him was never explained in a completely satisfactory way. This episode changed all that, in her speech to Andrea outside the prison, she explains, very coolly, exactly why she distrusted The Governor from the start, and why she feels so betrayed by Andrea for hooking up with him. She also explains that her attack on The Governor wasn’t motivated by her own personal desire for revenge but rather by a desire to hurt Andrea….burrrr.

Runner up: Carol!!

For suggesting to Andrea that she wear The Governor out with wild sex and then murder him in his sleep…damn Carol! I think she may have considered doing this to her late abusive piece of shit husband once or twice….

All right, that’s all for this week guys. So far the back half of season 3 hasn’t been that great, but hopefully next week will be a return to form. You know, I want an entire episode told from a zombies point of view. Or perhaps an episode where  a minor, paper-thin character like Axel rises up to greatness…oh wait, too late.  I think that stuff like that would be cool. Basically, I really just want to see more creativity in the episodes than I’m seeing.  Fingers crossed for the rest of the season.

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