THE NUMBERS STATION Trailer Counts Down to Theaters

The numbers tick by in the rocky new theatrical trailer for The Numbers Station.  John Cusack and Malin Akerman find themselves at the center of a vie for total covert assassination dominance.  While action thrillers with political intrigue and global repercussions seem to be the go-to, this particular take may show some revisionist leanings: a film about what makes all those other premises work.  Though I could be reaching here, it’s certainly not difficult to see this one potentially come and go.

Maybe what has my interest piqued, if not my expectations hopeful, is the cast.  Cusack definitely has range, but an action oriented thriller seems a bit outside the norm.  I could have seen this role filled by any number of Tatums, Diesels, Pines, or even a Duhamel/Oliphant.  For me, Cusack is not the obvious choice, and along with Akerman (who never really quite fits the damsel-in-distress archetype) will keep me curious for more info.

We’ll have to wait a bit though, as The Numbers Station doesn’t make it to theatres until April 26, 2013. Check out the trailer here:


Official Synopsis: 

[box_light]After his latest mission goes disastrously wrong, veteran CIA black ops agent Emerson Kent is given one last chance to prove he still has what it takes to do his job. His new assignment: guarding Katherine, a code operator at a top-secret remote CIA “Numbers Station” where encrypted messages are sent and received. When an elite team of heavily armed assailants lays siege to the station, Emerson and Katherine suddenly find themselves in a life-or-death struggle against an unknown enemy. With the station compromised and innocent lives at stake, they must stop the deadly plot before it’s too late.[/box_light]


But what do you think?  How does the trailer look?  And what about the cast?  Let us know in the comments below.



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