Production Begins on The Heart, She Holler Season 2: Show Info, Cast Changes

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PFFR’s dark, hilarious, almost nightmarish and disturbing comedy-soap-opera about the Heartshe dynasty, its town, and its town’s dead ruler’s secret son he hid in a hole immediately after birth, The Heart, She Holler, was initially only a six-episode miniseries. But we learned a while back that the network renewed it for more, and anyone who likes PFFR and The Heart, She Holler was pretty much overjoyed. Today (well, yesterday), Adult Swim shares with us info about the second season.

First off, the good news: production on season 2 has begun. No news on how many episodes– I personally assume it’ll just be another 6, but it could change– but the Adult Swim press release (courtesy TVbytheNumbers) says the show will air in September, and they outline some of what we can look forward to:

The Heart, She Holler, America’s most majestic nightmare, is back! In season two, the holiest holler in history becomes more than just a depraved town of sickening rednecks – it’s the cosmic battleground of mankind’s final war between Pure Evil and Pure Awful!

WATCH Boss Hoss Heartshe wrap his grand grip from the grave around the throats of the Heartshe siblings’ unsquashable lust for power! Manchild Hurlan is too dumb to fail, hussy Hurshe is too sleazy to slut her way to the top, and crazed Hambrosia may be too batspit bonkers to become a maniacal leader.

WITNESS raw uncooked emotion spew from your screen into your eyes and slide down your brain, landing in the broken toilet of our ruined society! FEEL the mysteriousness creep up behind you! LAUGH as you cry at your delightful demise! SCREAM till you die of televisual pleasureburns! Every single weeknight for the rest of your short, wonderful life!

The bad news that comes with this, though, is if you liked Kristen Schaal as Hurshe, you’ll be disappointed to learn she’s no longer in the role. But if you like Amy Sedaris, once star of Comedy Central’s Strangers With Candy as Jerri Blank, you’re in luck! Amy will be taking over the role of Hurshe for season 2.

The rest of the primary cast– including Patton Oswalt, Heather Lawless, and Joe Sikora– remain for season 2, and it will continue to be PFFR-produced and John Lee and Vernon Chatman-written.

So it’ll still be brilliant.

Look for the second season come September on Adult Swim.

Thanks to TVbytheNumbers for the press release.

Hot dog.

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