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Oscar Watching: One Last Hoorah


Best Animated Feature Film

The Mouse House brings into this race three films, but which takes the top prize? (Sorry, ParaNorman and The Pirates! Band of Misfits.) Brave won the Golden Globe and BAFTA; Wreck-It Ralph dominated the Annies and took the PGA’s top prize for animation; and Frankenweenie was helmed by none other than Tim Burton. I’ve aligned with Wreck-It Ralph given its strength with critics (unlike the underrated Brave) and audiences (unlike Frankenweenie), but I now find myself backing Burton’s black-and-white tale about a boy and his dog.

1. Frankenweenie

2. Wreck-It Ralph

3. Brave

4. ParaNorman

5. The Pirates! Band of Misfits


Best Documentary Feature

Searching for Sugar Man looks like the one to beat here. But might The Invisible War or How to Survive a Plague pull off an upset?

1. Searching for Sugar Man

2. How to Survive a Plague

3. The Invisible War

4. 5 Broken Cameras

5. The Gatekeepers


Best Foreign Language Film

You know, Amour. I honestly can’t see it going any other way at this point. It’s more or less the one Oscar that Haneke’s masterpiece is guaranteed – especially with Intouchables oddly failing to make the grade.

1. Amour (Austria)

2. No (Chile)

3. A Royal Affair (Denmark)

4. War Witch (Canada)

5. Kon-Tiki (Norway)


Best Animated Short

I imagine Paperman, which played before Wreck-It Ralph, wins here.

1. Paperman

2. Adam and Dog

3. Maggie Simpson in “The Longest Daycare”

4. Fresh Guacamole

5. Head over Heels


Best Live Action Short

I’m thinking Curfew.

1. Curfew

2. Asad

3. Buzkashi Boys

4. Death of a Shadow (Dood van een Schaduw)

5. Henry


Best Documentary Short

Open Heart has the most buzz of the nominees, and its story might resonate with more voters than the other shorts.

1. Open Heart

2. Inocente

3. Mondays at Racine

4. Kings Point

5. Redemption

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