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Nathan Andrews Unveils Oculus Rift Support for Crysis

It’s like I can touch you!

The Oculus Rift VR Headset has some pretty schnazzy possibilities. However, you can’t just plug it into any computer and play any game. Software has to be specifically modded to allow for the Oculus’ stereoscopic, 3D immersion.

Nathan Andrews, an independent modder, has added Oculus Rift support for pretty-boy, machine-buster Crysis:


Here’s his description of the Oculus Rift video (and also why he’s not very good at Crysis):

I ported the Half-Life 2 VR mod that I’ve been working on over to Crysis and Crysis Wars (and also Cryengine 3 if anyone is interested in building a game from the ground up with VR support). Here’s a first look at Crysis played with the same setup as my previous Half-Life 2 VR videos. Sorry for the lack of synced video showing me actually playing, that takes a lot longer to get all done right and I’d rather spend that on fixing up the game even more. I’ll post more videos in the coming weeks.

A few things to note, my aiming isn’t awesome for a couple of reason, I haven’t yet modded the crosshairs to track properly so they’re currently disabled and I haven’t fixed the iron sights to work in the mod so I’m just firing based on reflex, plus this was one of my first sessions with the setup in this game. The actual gun tracking is even more responsive than my previous videos as I’m now using a new tracker, a 9DOF 1000hz YEI 3-space tracker (over 4x the hillcrest tracker rate even with the hillcrest’s beta firmware that John Carmack had).

I’ve been testing a couple of new gun controllers, in this video I was using a Mag II. I haven’t spent enough time with all of them to sort out the best, but the Mag II has been pretty nice so far.

He’s also modded out fan favorites HALF LIFE 2 and BLACK MESA (the Half Life 1 uber-mod). One of the downsides of the Oculus Rift is that it’s almost impossible to describe the experience through a video, but it’s valuable to know that an unaffiliated programmer can successfully mod the Oculus Rift to popular game engines. Companies behind Unity, Unreal, Source, CryENGINE, and idTECH 4 have already signaled their support for the headset, so we should expect more reasons never to go outside again.


Check out Nathan Andrews’ Youtube for more 2-D goodness.

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