Is the New My Bloody Valentine Record Coming Out…Tonight?

The new My Bloody Valentine record was set to come out tonight, but alas technical difficulties have arose. Two decades. That’s how long its been since Loveless, My Bloody Valentine’s undisputed classic, hit shelves at your local music shop. Twenty-one years since Kevin Shields and Co. practically invented what we have now come to call “shoegaze” music;  his airy guitar and Belinda Butcher’s vocals being ground through as many effects pedals as possible to create a fog of blissful distortion. It was a sound so loud that there were reports of audience members fainting and passing out due to the sheer sonic shock waves that hit their bodies when the songs were first played live.

Then came the silence.

After Loveless tanked commercially (it didn’t even chart in the US when Sire released it), Alan McGee, founder of the UK’s Creation Records, dropped MBV from their roster, citing Shields’ difficult personality as the main reason for the band getting the boot. After Creation, MBV signed with Island Records and went to work on building their own recording studio. But when difficulties with construction caused nearly all of the band members to have near nervous breakdowns, with Shields suffering the worst and even retreating into self-isolation into his seven bedroom North London home, My Bloody Valentine called it quits. Throughout the years that passed, there were rumors of Shields delivering music to the label, with some going as fas as to say that Island once got sixty hours worth of tapes from both the session that helped cause Creation Records to go bankrupt and new recordings he had made on his own, but it never amounted to anything. The band reunited in 2008 for a string of live shows, including spots at Coachella and the second and final iteration of the All Points West Festival in New York, and rumors of new music followed with them. But still — our speakers were silent. Until now. Earlier today, a message went up on the band’s Facebook page, declaring:

“We are preparing to go live with the new album/website this evening. We will make an announcement as soon as its up.”

As of 7:55 PM, its been reported that the album (titled simply m b v) went up momentarily at the band’s website, but that the flood of traffic caused the site to crash. I’ll keep you updated as the night goes along, with hopefully a “First Listen” review of the new record as soon as the Internet lets me get my grubby little paws on it. Until then, join me in listening to “I Only Said” over and over over again…


Here is the My Bloody Valentine track listing

1. she found now
2. only tomorrow
3. who sees you
4. is this and yes
5. if i am
6. new you
7. in another way
8. nothing is
9. wonder 2


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