Interview: SAFE HAVEN’S Young Star Noah Lomax

I recently had an email interview with the other lovely young star of Safe Haven (here’s my interview with Mimi Kirkland), Noah Lomax. You’ll probably recognize him from season 1 of The Walking Dead where he played Morales’s son or Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel’s son in Playing for Keeps he’s also had a few other TV appearances. We talked about his experiences on those sets, Safe Haven, cool things about himself and if there’s anything we can look forward to seeing him in.




A lot of people will probably recognize you as Morales’s son from The Walking Dead or Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel’s son in Playing for Keeps, what were those experiences like? 

Filming both of those projects was really fun! I had a great time working on both sets and the cast and crew were all cool. Sometimes people recognize me as an actor when I’m hanging out with my friends or family, and I get a little embarrassed. I live in a small town called Suwanee, and they put me on their magazine’s cover – it was really cool but I was still embarrassed!

 What was it like working on the set of Safe Haven? 

Working on Safe Haven was tons of fun. Everybody on set from the crew to the cast were really nice. I had a great time hanging out with everyone. The town of Southport is pretty awesome and it was the summer, so the weather was great!

What was it like working alongside the lovely Mimi Kirkland and the awesome Josh Duhamel? 

Working with Mimi Kirkland was pretty cool. She is really nice and we had a great time on and off the set. We went to the pool, the beach and had lemonade stands. Mimi is funny and always making me laugh! Josh and I would do these play battle scenes with our arms. He actually recorded it and you can check it out on Youtube – it’s called Josh “soft-shell” Duhamel vs Noah “bad ass ” Lomax [] . Julianne is also really nice too!

Did any of the actors give you advice? 

While we were filming ‘Safe Haven’, Josh and I had a really emotional scene where I had to cry. It was really hard, but Josh told me that sometimes as an actor, you have to go places inside you that are uncomfortable. After we filmed the scene and the director yelled ‘cut’, I kept on crying because I was really in the moment. Josh gave me a high-five and said I was doing a good job, and it made me feel really good and proud of myself.

Have any hobbies outside of acting?

I love playing sports. My favorite sport is tackle football, but I also like playing basketball, baseball and I am hoping to start playing lacrosse. I am also taking a hip-hop class! I spend as much time as I can outside with my friends.

Are you working on any new films or shows that we can look forward too?

Not right now but hoping that I’ll be reporting something soon. 🙂 I’m auditioning for a few roles in LA right now and hoping to land my next project soon!


Noah Lomax

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