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HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, “P.S. I Love You” Episode Recap

Well tonight we were reunited with one of our favorite old characters on How I Met Your Mother, Robin Sparkles (Cobie Smulders).  Or now apparently she’s known as Robin Daggers.  Yes in tonight’s episode we got an inside look as to how Robin Sparkles’s career came to a rough ending.  A good part of the episode takes place inside a “Behind the Music” type show, with pretty funny cameos from famous Canadians Paul Shaffer, Luc Robitaille, and Jason Presley, amongst others. We also got to see James Van Der Beek again, playing Robin’s old crush. Always loved that character.

On the other side of the story tonight, we have Marshall (Jason Segal), and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) trying to convince Ted (Josh Radnor), that his new girlfriend is crazy. They are convinced that she is a stalker, and as the episode goes on, Ted realizes more and more that they are in fact right.  Even though Ted is guilty of a little stalking himself, it is taken to a whole new level when he later finds out that she has been stalking him ever since he was on the cover of New Yorker Magazine a year and a half ago.


This leads us back to Robin and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), and Barney trying to figure out who Robin was stalking. In the end, it’s revealed that it’s Paul Shaffer, David Letterman’s key board player.

It’s episodes like tonight’s that make it even worse that How I Met Your Mother was recently announced for a ninth season. It’s been obvious for years now that they are simply delaying the inevitable by tossing out meaningless episode after meaningless episode, and now they are recycling great old bits ad nauseum. Robin Sparkles has had her time. Please stop bringing her back. If you are going to bring anything back, the have the 5th slap come back up. When is that going to happen. Oh yeah, 90 days, 17 hours from now. And counting.

What did you think of tonight’s How I Met Your Mother? Were you happy to see Robin Sparkles back? Or are you as tired of her as we are? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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