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Film Music 2012 Album Review

Take just about any film you love and most likely you will find something about the film’s soundtrack or score that resonates with you. A great score can make or break a film. The music itself also has a way of taking the listener back to a moment of the film or a feeling that they were experiencing that they may not have even known they had retained. With these conceits in mind, Silva Screen Records has put together Film Music 2012; a compilation of songs from some of last years biggest films.

Rather than license out the original works, Silva Screen has enlisted the services of two groups, the very talented City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and London Music Works. The 12 tracks are split up almost evenly between the two acts. Both deliver top notch performances to these well crafted and, for the movie going public, well recognizable tunes.


The songs themselves included run the gamut of film genres, which would make one think that listening to all in one sitting would be somewhat jarring or cause some of the songs to lose their magic. I found the experience to be quite the opposite. Each song transported me back to the film they belonged to, causing a sort-of inner montage of the 2012 year of films, which I can only imagine is Silva Screen’s reason for putting these compilations together in the first place.

While all the songs included have their worthy moments, there are a few standouts. Skyfall, the theme from the latest James Bond film of the same name, is just as driving and hypnotic in its instrumental form; possibly even more so. Imagine The Fire, a cut from The Dark Knight Rises original score, is a seven and a half minute emotional roller coaster, filled with every subtle cue and resounding presence that Hans Zimmer’s Batman scores have become known for. I also quite enjoyed Life, a barely two and a half minute piece of music from Prometheus that floods my memory with smaller, beautiful moments to one of my favorite films of last year.

All in all, I feel that Silva Screen have put together a wonderful package here. Music and Film lovers alike will surely appreciate having all of these musical cinematic memories all in one place. Highly recommended.


Film Music 2012 Tracklisting:

1. End Titles (From “Ted”) – Walter Murphy (The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
2. New York City Surprise (From “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted”) – Hans Zimmer (London Music Works)
3. Fate and Destiny (From “Brave”) – Patrick Doyle (The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
4. Freedom’s Call (From “Lincoln”) – John Williams (The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
5. Snow White and the Huntsman – James Newton Howard (The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
6. Life (From “Prometheus”) – Harry Gregson-Williams (London Music Works)
7. Over Hill (From “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”) – Howard Shore (The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
8. Imagine the Fire (From “The Dark Knight Rises”) – Hans Zimmer (London Music Works)
9.  The Avengers (From “Avengers Assemble”) – Alan Silvestri (London Music Works)
10. Young Peter (From “The Amazing Spider-Man”) – James Horner (London Music Works)
11. Rue’s Farewell (From “The Hunger Games”) – James Newton Howard (The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
12. Skyfall – Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth (The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)

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