Film Club – Episode 18: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

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In a somewhat left field turn Mal picked the disney classic Beauty and the Beast for his latest entry into the film club catalogue. But how does its animation and its storytelling hold up against a much glossier, contemporary world of animation. Only one way to find out, put on your most prestigious outfit and slip into the enchanted ballroom of cinematic chatter.

Beauty and the Beast

Listen to the Beauty and the Beast episode here:


Courtesy of the high tech tumbler box and your brilliant suggestions the next film we’re set to dive into coms courtesy of the public pick. The film in question is the much beloved Breathless, a key film in cinema and French new wave. Helmed by the legendary Jean Luc Goddard and originally released back in 1960. So get yourself a copy and then make a date with us a week on Wednesday to talk it over. Failing that hop on over to our Facebook forums to discuss at length.

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