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Crossing The Streams: Feb 9th 2013

Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the latest installment of Crossing The Streams; your new streaming mix tape. This installment spans all sorts of genres, styles, classifications and even languages to bring you not “what’s now”, but “what comes next”.

Bosnian Rainbows – “Torn Maps”

Bosnian Rainbows is the brainchild of vocalist Teri Gender-Bender of the band Le Butcherettes and guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, one half of the (currently, and sadly, defunct) Mars Volta and one of the most prolific music makers in the craft today. Combining their talents with fellow musicians Deantoni Parks on drums and Nicci Kasper on keys, Bosnian Rainbows forms a collective and refined sound that is beyond anything I expected, particularly with Rodriguez-Lopez involved. The first single, Torn Maps, is going to draw obvious Rush comparisons, which aren’t entirely off base nor are they a bad thing. There is a sense of angst and drive to the track that, while it recalls the past, manages to pave its own future. The band’s first full length is slated to come out sometime this year, and if Torn Maps is any indication, it’s going to be one hell of an album.

Maakuntaradio – “Harmaampaa Kuin Eilen”

If someone had told me last week that there is a four piece band from Finland playing melodic 70’s punk reminiscent of The Buzzcocks and The Only Ones and, furthermore, are doing it incredibly well, I wouldn’t have believed you. Well, such a band does indeed exist and their name is Maakuntaradio. The band has been hard at work on their latest album, Ei voi palata eiliseen, which will be released on LP/CD in the very near future. Maakuntaradio’s latest track from the upcoming album, Harmaampaa kuin eilen, has a snotty sonic sound that is sure to have even the most die hard purists tapping their feet and humming along.


Parenthetical Girls – “Young Throats (YACHT Remix)”

Privilege (Abridged), the upcoming release from Pacific North Westerners Parenthetical Girls, combines the best elements of the bands 5 Privilege EPs, boiling three years of creative output into an easier to digest state. Along with the February 19th release of Privilege (Abridged), the band is also getting ready to kick off a month long US tour starting March 6th in Portland with stops at Austin’s SXSW Music Fest on March 13th-16th. To celebrate, Parenthetical Girls got to of their music making friends, Los Campesinos! and YACHT, to craft some remixes of two of their tunes. Los Campesinos! remix of Sympathy For Spastics can be found here while YACHT’s remix of Young Throats can be found just below.


The 1975 - "Head.Cars.Bending"
The 1975 – “Head.Cars.Bending”

Also gearing up for SXSW and a US tour of their own are Manchester’s own The 1975.  The four piece also have a five track EP dropping on March 6th titled Music For Cars which can be pre-ordered on iTunes hereHead.Cars.Bending is the lead single from the upcoming EP and is this bizarre blend of indie, pop and hints of r&b that all comes together surprisingly well. Their tour kicks off at SXSW March 12-17 and goes on throughout the rest of March up and down the Northern East Coast.

Justin Greaves - "The Hit" from the score to The Devil's Business
Justin Greaves – “The Hit” from the score to The Devil’s Business

Over the past year and some change, Spencer Hickman’s Death Waltz Recording Co. has become the go-to name in Horror/Cult soundtracks. Offering long beloved scores with newly commissioned artwork on various colors of vinyl, Death Waltz shows a true love for not only the films and their scores, but also an appreciation for the fans. Mixing things up with their next release, Death Waltz is releasing the score to the 2012 film The Devil’s Business. The score was created by Justin Greaves, who can normally be found making music with his group Crippled Black Phoenix. To give you a taste of the score that Justin put together, I present The Hit. The Hit is a droning instrumental dripping with the presence of menace, reminding the listener that music alone can provide its own exceptional atmosphere. The collector’s edition vinyl  with artwork by Jay Shaw will be available to order directly from the Death Waltz Recording Co. on February 14th.



Palm Reader - "Zombies"
Palm Reader – “Zombies”

Palm Reader are a young three piece based out of Orange County, California. Blending aspects of 90’s post punk, rock and even some shades of surf, Palm Reader has crafted a sound that, while not entirely unique, is filled with an angst and urgency that demands the listener’s full attention. I personally can’t get enough. The trio has just released their first album, Unlucky, on cassette (available here) and, while I love all three songs that the band has made available, In One Ear, Out The Other is definitely the stand-out track.

Thanks for checking out the latest installment of Crossing The Streams! Please feel free to leave any thought, ideas or music that you think should be featured and we’ll definitely give it a listen.

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