Crossing the Streams: Feb 5th, 2013

Editor’s Note: We’re excited to introduce our new feature Crossing the Streams. It’s your new streaming mix tape, filled with what you haven’t heard yet, but won’t be able to get out of your head once you give it a listen. 

Let’s face it. There’s literally hundreds of bands and thousands of songs out there, going unheard. It’s a vast sea of creativity to navigate on your own. That’s where we come in. We know that you’re already listening to what’s good now. We want you to be listening to what comes next.


Last year, Melody’s Echo Chamber released their self-titled debut album to much critical success. One of the latter tracks on the album, IsThatWhatYouSaid, came about by stripping the vocals from one of the duo’s songs and playing it in reverse creating a stark, dreamy instrumental. The song been reverse-Frankenstein’ed into a second life as the newly titled Je Me Perds De Vue, now a b-side for the pair’s upcoming digital single, Crystallized, which will drop March 18th. The track, restored to its former glory, is now a rollicking piece of shoe-gaze pop that, in my opinion, blows the A-side away.


LA based pop duo Kisses are preparing for the  May 18th release of their sophomore album, the aptly named Kids in LA, with the release of their first single from the album, The Hardest Part. Rather than coming off as just another 80’s imitator, The Hardest Part feels like a natural progression of the era. Catchy, smart pop with a subtle hint of darkness to it.  You’re going to be listening to this one a lot.


When’s the last time you heard a song for the first time and immediately fell in love with it? Well, prepare to do just that. Skyscraper, the latest single from London based duo Elephant, is the hauntingly beautiful A-side to the pair’s upcoming 7″ of the same name which will be released in the US on March 26th.  After a tumultuous 2012 full of in-fighting and injury, Elephant have returned with a song that exists outside of time and category. Skyscraper weaves sounds of yesterday and tomorrow effortlessly and serves as quite the appetizer for their debut full length to come.



In anticipation of the impending US release of their third full-length album, Out of Touch in the Wild, the Manchester-based five piece Dutch Uncles have unleashed a remixed version of one of the albums stronger tracks, Nomento. The remix was created by the band’s label mates, Field Music. Field Music brings a sort of calculated sparseness to the track that leaves this “remix” feeling more like a genuine collaboration. Out of Touch in the Wild will be available in the US on April 4th.


Having debuted just last week, Young Galaxy‘s latest single, Pretty Boy is already taking the world by storm. Mixing upbeat dance pop rhythms with a somber, yet melodic vocal, it’s no surprise Pretty Boy is catching people’s attention. Hints of Robyn as well as New Order  weave their wway through the song while still maintaining the group’s own voice. The track will be on Young Galaxy’s upcoming fourth full-length album, Ultramarine, debuting April 23rd. The duo Peaking Lights have already crafted a remix of Pretty Boy which you can check out here.

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