Check Out Jon Glaser on The Comedy Bang Bang! Podcast

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There’s a podcast out there that started in 2009 and that has had two names, a television show, a live show, and so many of the best funny people around guest starring as themselves or any number of characters, and it’s called Comedy Bang Bang! and it’s cool. It’s hosted by Scott Aukerman, who wrote and performed on Mr. Show towards the end of its run, and he’s done a whole bunch of other cool things. Between Two Ferns, for one thing.

But, I mean, CBB has been around for like four years now, and if you even remotely care about things that are comedy, and that are funny, you’ve probably heard of it. Comedy Bang Bang! episode 201 is out now, entitled “End Scene”, and it has Mr. Aukerman welcoming Pope Benedict XVI (Matt Besser) to chat about his retirement, and Jon Glaser of Delocated to talk about the finale. The description from the Earwolf site:

First timer Jon Glaser and past guest Pope Benedict XVI join us to talk finales on today’s Comedy Bang Bang! Jon gives a taste of what we can expect on the Delocated series finale and where his role on Parks and Recreation might possibly lead. Pope Benedict XVI tells us some of the reasons why he is retiring, what he will do now as the Grand Wizard, and shares some of his best impressions. Then they ponder their favorite ways to blow kisses during a super stuffed game of Would You Rather!

The final episode of Delocated will air on Thursday, March 7th. You can click these words right here to check out a clip from the episode. And you can check out the Comedy Bang Bang! episode, and pretty much all of the CBB episodes you could ever want, over on Earwolf.

Go listen to it, it’s funny. Comedy Bing Bong.

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