Alkaline Trio Announce New Album “My Shame Is True”

Alkaline Trio shared details on their new album. The  melodic punk band is releasing it’s 8th full-length album, My Shame Is True, on April 2nd. This will be the band’s first proper studio album since 2010’s This Addiction and will be released on Epitaph Records. The group have already released the first single, I Wanna Be A Warhol, which is already available on iTunes here

Alkaline Trio Tracklist

  1. She Lied To The FBI
  2. I Wanna Be A Warhol
  3. I’m Only Here To Disappoint
  4. Kiss You To Death
  5. The Temptation Of St. Anthony
  6. I, Pessimist
  7. Only Love
  8. The Torture Doctor
  9. Midnight Blue
  10. One Last Dance
  11. Young Lovers
  12. Until Death Do Us Part

Fans can also now go to Alkaline Trio’s web store to pre-order the album in a variety of bundles, including an incredible wooden box set complete with limited vinyl and an Alkaline Trio themed Ouija Board.



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