Album Review: Elara- Soundtrack For a Quiet Place

The lyrical beauty of Elara’s three track EP Soundtrack for a Quiet Place couldn’t have been further away from what I expected from this Italian post rock band. Full of delicate piano that shimmers gracefully above the thunderous drums and soaring guitar, it is gentle and uplifting. The minimalism and ambience of Elara’s sound certainly makes it a soundtrack for a quiet place. But that is partly what ruins the EP- there are no stand out tracks. There are only so many emotional sounding piano chords and delicate guitar riffs you can take before you begin thinking “I’ve heard this all before”.

The vivid opening track “Me and you under the Aurora Borealis” is poignant and touching, the wispy guitar quickly accompanied by a dominating drum part. The stark contrast between the two give Elara their post-rock feel but as the track progresses the reoccurring themes, albeit accompanied by more aggressive and exciting chords from the guitar section, remind you how long this track really is. The uplifting and deep mood conveyed at the beginning  is quickly replaced by boredom.

I could go on about the other tracks in similar detail but, just like the rest of the EP, it would be very much the same as what came before it. Oscillating guitar riffs and booming drum patterns only capture interest for so long and despite sounding harmonious and pleasant, the repetitive themes end up warranting a great deal of yawning. If you intend to look at the night sky in a dreamy fashion then this will provide the perfect soundtrack. If you’re looking for entertainment look elsewhere.

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