Adventure Time Season 2 DVD & BluRay + Season 1 BluRay Out June 4th

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Last July, Cartoon Network put out the first full season collection of Adventure Time after a couple of smaller, cheaper sets named My Two Favorite People and It Came From The Nightosphere, named after episodes included on the discs. They promised when the DVDs were announced that they would be doing small single-disc sets that were mixed bags of episodes from various seasons– and then season sets for collectors, older fans, and anyone who just wants a full season with cool features instead of a grab-bag.

This coming July, Cartoon Network is continuing to make good on that promise with Adventure Time season 2 on DVD– and BluRay!– on June 4th. The DVD and BluRay sets will include every one of the 26 quarter-hours (13 half-hours) that make up the show’s second season:

  1. It Came From The Nightosphere
  2. The Eyes
  3. Loyalty to the King
  4. Blood Under the Skin
  5. Storytelling
  6. Slow Love
  7. Power Animal
  8. Crystals Have Power
  9. The Other Tarts
  10. To Cut a Woman’s Hair
  11. The Chamber of Frozen Blades
  12. Her Parents
  13. The Pods
  14. The Silent King
  15. The Real You
  16. Guardians of Sunshine
  17. Death in Bloom
  18. Susan Strong
  19. Mystery Train
  20. Go With Me
  21. Belly of the Beast
  22. The Limit
  23. Video Makers
  24. Heat Signature
  25. Mortal Folly (Part 1)
  26. Mortal Recoil (Part 2)

We’re not sure what you can expect for special features, because as TVShowsOnDVD notes, the CN press release seemed to have included Season 1’s features by accident. We’ll let you know when we know what’s on there. Here’s your cover (both on a DVD and a BluRay mockup!):

Now, of course, as the title suggests, that isn’t all. Out on June 4th with the Season 2 DVD and BluRay will be the Season 1 BluRay! I reviewed Season 1’s DVD release a couple of months ago, and it is a fantastic set for anyone who loves Adventure Time. The BluRay promises to be a bit better, because not only do you get the goodies you get on the DVD set, but the episodes and the features are all in HD. The cover is the same, except it’s in a blue case, of course:


All three things will be out June 4th from Warner Home Video. The DVD will be priced at $26.95 SRP, while the BluRays will be priced at a slightly more expensive $32.07 SRP.

Nothing seems to be up for preorder yet. We’ll let you know when they are. In the mean time, you can nab Season 1 on DVD on Amazon for a pretty nice $19.96. Totally worth doing.

Thanks to TVShowsOnDVD for the disc info and covers.

And remember to watch Adventure Time Mondays at 7:30 on Cartoon Network! It’s pretty good, y’know.

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