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This is not the review that I wanted to write. Like so many others, I grew up loving the Die Hard movies.  I was cautiously optimistic when Live Free or Die Hard was released, and I left the theater pleasantly surprised. When A Good Day To Die Hard was announced, I was worried. But like many of you have and will do, I sucked it up, gave the theater my money, and braced myself for what was probably going to be a huge disappointment. To say that this movie was a disappointment would be a compliment. The film, if you can even call it one, is an abomination that should not be included in any future “own all the Die Hard movies on Sony’s new 4-d Green-Ray!”  Brace yourself Die Hard fans, this won’t be pretty.

The first place I look at with this movie is the script, or should I say, lack there of. The movie has absolutely no rhythm to it.  The dialogue makes little sense, and every so often, it honestly look like John McClane Sr. (Bruce Willis), and Jack McClane  (Jai Courtney) were awkwardly making stuff up on the run. There was a constant thread of “alright let’s go get these guys!” or “times to kill some bad guys!” that literally made me squirm in my seat.


The action means nothing in the movie. In so many classic Die Hard scenes, the gun fights are innovative, with music that matches it perfectly, making for an incredibly entertaining scene. In A Good Day to Die Hard, the action scenes consist of a poorly shot car chase scene that pales in comparison to anything done in the Bourne franchise.  The explosions and gun shots merely serve to move the story along, though there really isn’t any story. We know McClaine is in Russia to get his son, but when they are thrown into danger, it is never really explained why.

And the villain  Oh man. This is the thing that upsets me most about this garbage on a screen.  In past Die Hard movies, a memorable villain was always one of the key points. Of course, there’s the memorable original bad guy: Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber.  You bring back his on screen brother with Simon Gruber, played by Jeremy Irons.  I even liked Timothy Olyphant as the new age villain in Live Free or Die Hard.

The villain in this abomination is Komarov (Sebastian Koch).  Sound intimidating? He’s not. In fact, I had to look the character’s name up on IMDB, as I had no idea what it was 20 seconds after the movie. It is never clear what their goal is.  Of course they are looking for treasure, but unlike in any other Die Hard movies, there is no sense of threat to the outer world at any time. The story is mindnumbingly simple, boring, and poorly executed. Bad guy wants something. Good guy stops him. What’s funny is those simple sentences sound identical to half the dialogue in the movie.


This movie tries so hard to remind you that you are actually watching a movie with John McClane in it. His name is dropped so often, it’s sad. The fact that this trash will go down even in the same sentence as it’s predassors is literally disheartening.  Please stop this franchise before you drive it through eighteen more stories of crap.  Don’t waste your time or money with this movie.


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