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WON’T BACK DOWN Blu-ray Review

Won’t Back Down 3D Blu-ray box image: © 2012 Walden Media, LLC.


Release Date
Jan. 15, 2013




121 min.

When I wrote about Won’t Back Down for Screen Invasion’s 30 Most Anticipated Fall Films, my blurb read something like:

Two mothers (Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal)
fight the system to better their children’s subpar inner-city
public school. Why am I excited? I can’t help but love strong
female characters fighting the good fight, especially
when the movie is even loosely based on a true success story.

Having finally seen Won’t Back Down, I can safely say that it is indeed a film defined by the strength of its characters and message—and that it is no wonder that Viola Davis’ character, Nona Alberts, inspired the Screen Invasion Staff to write about The Top 10 Most Inspirational Teachers in Film.

Viola Davis in Won’t Back Down. Photo by: Kerry Hayes. © 2012 Walden Media, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Directed by Daniel Barnz, Won’t Back Down stars Davis (The HelpDoubt), Gyllenhaal (Crazy Heart), Holly Hunter (The Piano), Oscar IsaacRosie PerezEmily Alyn Lind, and Dante Brown, and also features Lance ReddickVing RhamesBill NunnNed Eisenberg, and Marianne Jean-Baptiste.

Won’t Back Down tells an inspirational tale about two ferocious mama-bears who can no longer ignore the shortcomings of their children’s public school. The film is not anti-union or anti-labor—in fact, it highlights many of the benefits and protections provided by such organizations. If it is anti anything, it’s anti allowing any interest to work to the detriment of the public school system’s intended beneficiaries: the students.

Won’t Back Down‘s greatest strength is its emotional impact. Davis’ stoic passion and Gyllenhaal’s resolute optimism are simply captivating. You can’t help but root for these gutsy heroines—and you’ll feel each of their setbacks and triumphs as if it were your own.

Viola Davis & Maggie Gyllenhaal in Won’t Back Down. © 2012 Walden Media, LLC.

Bottom line? If you enjoy strong female characters and betting on the underdog, then don’t miss Won’t Back Down.

Blu-ray™ and DVD Bonus Features:
•  Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Director Daniel Barnz
•  A Tribute to Teachers
•  The Importance of Education
•  Audio Commentary with Director Daniel Barnz
•  Theatrical Trailer
•  Sneak Peek
•  *(Blu-ray™ only)* Ultraviolet™ Copy

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