The Strokes Announce New Album

Its been almost two years since The Strokes tortured us all and shat on our goodwill with Angles, their uber mediocre follow-up to 2006’s barely better First Impressions of Earth. But here we are, treating the announcement of what we’re all secretly hope won’t be another piece of garbage as some kind of monumental event. 

Comedown Machine will be the group’s ironically titled fifth album, and will be released March 26 through RCA (the art you see above will be the sure to be described as “minimalistic” cover). The first official single is “All the Time”, which will be released on February 19 in conjunction with the album’s iTunes pre-order. The track the band released last week via their website, “One Way Trigger”, will also appear on the record. I’ve included that silly little bit of Neaux Wave below, along with a newly released “lyric poster” that clearly defines the garbled nonsense coming out of Julian Casblancas’ mouth.

I’m sure someone out there legitimately believe this will be the record that finally recaptures the magic of Is This It? I wish them well.



Listen to the new single from The Strokes:

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