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SNL Highlights: Adam Levine’s Maroon 5 vs. Train Fight, The Soprano Dairies, and the Firehouse Fight

This week Adam Levine dropped by Saturday Night Live as the show’s host and not the musical guest. While he did one song, in Andy Samberg’s return to the SNL Digital Short with “YOLO” , he didn’t rely too heavily on his pipes to get him through. When Bruno Mars pulled double duty earlier this season, nearly all of his sketches had musical moments so it was nice to see Adam try a more traditional comedy route.

That being said, I did love the sketch about the Maroon 5 vs. Train vs. Jason Mraz bar fight. Taran Killam made for a great Train frontman and the gags about the lack of actual fighting were great. Unfortunately, probably because of music licensing issues, this sketch is not available on Hulu or any official NBC streams.

The riff on The Carrie Diaries bringing in The Sopranos was also a highlight. Bobby Moynihan had another strong episode this week. Watch “Sopranos High” here:

 The one sketch that had me laughing throughout was the one in Firehouse Fight. While a seemingly simple enough premise, it’s Bill Hader’s total commitment to that voice and his temper tantrum that had be rolling. I’m equally impressed that he didn’t break character, especially given how frequently he nearly loses it as Stefon.

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