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PARKS AND RECREATION “Two Parties” Recap/Review

Ken Hotate (Jonathan Joss), leader of the fictional Wamapoke Tribe, is back in Pawnee to call everything racist and promote his casino with a giant neon sign…or just build a playground. That’s great too. Thursday’s episode of Parks and Recreation, “Two Parties,” is much more about Ben and Leslie’s bachelor and bachelorette parties than it is about Leslie’s mission-of-the-week to sabotage Councilman Jam’s effort to build another Paunch Burger–in addition to the six already at the Wamapoke casino. Councilman Jam is a man that, if he didn’t call foreign countries “weird,” you might end up liking by mistake. A lot of this episode felt, in a good way, like a season premiere–as if Ben proposing was the season finale.

The women of Parks and Rec go one way for Leslie’s bachelorette party, and that one way is shaped like a penis. Because according to Ann, “anything that can be penis-shaped, will be penis-shaped.” And the men celebrate Ben’s everyone’s bachelor party. Chris goes to his infinite rolodex, which includes Indianapolis Colts members Reggie Wayne and Andrew Luck. He may have even got to Newt Gingrich in advance to tell him to make fun of Jerry. Parks and Rec‘s ability to get anyone and everyone to make a cameo is quite impressive and always worth it, but my only complaint is that  they struggle to find any good purpose for such people to be on the show. The Gergich/Gingrich confusion at the restaurant is wonderfully clever, but why was Newt even in Indiana? He could’ve had a second line to tell us!

Are bachelor(ette) parties ever as awesome as their individual components suggest? Having penis-shaped everything and non-liquid forms of alcohol may theoretically sound like a good time to women and men respectively, but it turns out there is a wrong way to consume alcohol, and–literally and figuratively–they’ve found it. Are April and Andy still married? Part of what got me to like Andy and April so much individually was they’re relationship together. And while I understand the nature of this episode is splitting up the genders, season 5 has entirely been lacking Andy/April chemistry. Except for their animal-like love-making in the season premiere, but I don’t think that counts.

I hate saying too many negative things about Parks and Rec because I’m always afraid it will come across as if I think the episode is no good. Not the case… My favorite moments of the episode came from Adam Scott and Ben’s socially awkward behavior. Professional in the office; dorky outside of work. His “what?” when Andy asked if they can buy a pet hawk as a bachelor party gift and then keep it for himself was priceless. Chris is becoming an unexpected favorite. Note his immediate thoughtfulness in making a phone call right when Andy mentioned the Colts. In the past, his relationships were secondary (even tertiary), we didn’t care too much about his troubles past the humor in the situation. But that’s changing. “Two parties” ends on a great note with Ben returning the favor and setting him up with Shauna Malwae-Tweep, whose name Chris obviously just enjoys saying. I bet she’ll be around for a while. 



April thinks the peace pipe is marijuana. Yeah she’s probably right.

That Bud Light looks like cotton candy.

The Salt N’ Pepa jam in the car makes me think Amy Poehler and co. have seen Ellen Degeneres’ stand-up.

After checking his watch, Jerry probably really didn’t talk for ten minutes.

Start drooling, fatties.

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