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Next Gen Consoles: Sony Will Let Microsoft Make The First Move

Rumours about the next generation of consoles have been circulating since what seems like the dawn of time. Over the last year stories have cropped up such as the appearance of details for a project “Fortaleza” for the next-gen Xbox, generating even more and more hype and raising even more questions. To further add to the excitement for the consoles, which are expected to be released sometime this year, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai said in an article in the business section of The Times that he wants to let Microsoft make the first move. While this seems fairly bizarre Hirai has sound thinking behind it saying:

“Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?”

Details that emerged from CES claim that the PS3 successor will have a 50% raw computational power advantage over Microsoft’s next console. However the next Xbox will supposedly come with 8gb of RAM compared to Orbis’ (the codename of the next PlayStation) 4gb. Whilbae this number ttle may mean nothing to some, what will affect the majority of people will be how much these next-gen consoles will cost. After the pricing fiasco of the PS3 and then subsequently the Vita, Hirai may be waiting to see how much Micrsoft will retail Durango (the codename of the next Xbox) for before making any moves. Perhaps a wise decision. [VG247]

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