Jon Schnepp starts Kickstarter for Superman Lives documentary

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! Nope, sorry. It’s just Jon Schnepp starting a Kickstarter project. While this isn’t technically about Adult Swim, Jon Schnepp is involved with several Adult Swim shows, even dating as far back as SGCTC. Of course, being involved with Titmouse Inc, he has to be. But most people probably know him as character designer and director for Metalocalypse.

Now he needs a little help, he wants to make a documentary about the 1996 Superman film titled ‘Superman Lives.’ Dubbed by many as the most bizarre Superman ever, this film was to be directed by Tim Burton and star Nicolas Cage as Kal-El. (I guess this was before Johnny Depp became the lead in every Tim Burton movie.) With an original screenplay from Kevin Smith, a costume that somehow managed to be more ridiculous than the infamous Batman and Robin ‘Batnipple’ suit, and concept art sketches of Braniac that resembled Salad Fingers. It left comic book fans scratching their heads in confusion. And with the upcoming release of ‘Man of Steel‘ in May, the Superman that never was is still attracting attention.

Now Jon Schnepp wants to interview producers, writers, actors, and designers involved with the film and find out more about it and if he gets enough money, he’ll recreate scenes from the film. Right now he’s at $35,246 of his $98,000 goal with 40 days left to go. If he does create it, he’ll release the documentary later this year at San-Diego Comic Con.

Check out the Kickstarter page linked below for more information on his plans for the project as well as to donate to it.

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