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HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: “Ring Up” Episode Recap

After the season started with a handful of duds, things have really heated up on How I Met Your Mother. Last week, we had the big reveal that Ted (Josh Radnor), was in fact not okay with Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) getting married, yet this week, that was virtually forgotten. In fact, the attention is on Ted who is trying to hook up with a 20 1/2 year old.  Ted tries not to pursue it, but he eventually gives in after constant egging on from Barney. This takes a funny twist later in the episode.

On Robin’s end, she is slowly realizing that her engagement ring is making her virtually invisible to all men. There was a pretty funny musical and dance number involved with this, but it was nowhere near the 100th episode number. This brings about a fantastic homage to the Lord of the Rings, saying that Robin’s ring makes her invisible, just like the one ring did for Frodo.  I don’t always love or appreciate some of the references the show makes, but this one was spot on. Well played guys.

The last storyline of the episode involves our favorite married couple trying to rekindle their love life due to a dry spell following the birth of baby Marvin. When Ted shows off his new “workout” bracelet, it proves to be a weird turn on for Lily (Alyson Hannigan).  This provides some laughs when Marshall (Jason Segal) ends up being allergic to it, forcing his hand to swell up to the size of Andre the Giants.

However, the core of the episode revolves around Ted. He eventually sleeps with the young girl, and can’t wait to show Barney who the lucky girl is. When they start doing a slow reveal on Ted’s phone of the girl, it becomes quite obvious who it is. We had heard mentions of Barney’s half sister before, and sure enough, when the face is revealed, it is in fact her.


This is funny, but also a little disappointing for me. One of the most popular theories was that Barney’s sister was in fact going to eventually be the mother.  This would have been a fun result, especially as a way to “get back” to Barney for ending up with Robin.  However, after last week’s episode, we know now FOR SURE that Ted meets the mom at Barney and Robin’s wedding, so we know it can’t be Barney’s sister. Oh well, it was never my theory or top choice, so I’m not all that disappointed.

However, this does potentially add fuel to the fire for the potential of a blowup between Ted, Robin, and Barney that I feel HAS to happen at some point. Given their ridiculously complicated history with each other, I have to figure that something will come to a head at some point. It might not be the wedding as I originally thought, but it should happen somewhat soon I would think. If the wedding goes by without a hitch, and the focus switches the start of Ted’s relationship with the mother, then you have to figure there would in fact not be a blowout, which would be really disappointing and not very realistic.

What do you guys think? Will there be some sort of confrontation soon between Ted, Barney, and Robin? Or will they remain the best of friends through the wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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