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HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Band or DJ” Episode Recap

Well last month, How I Met Your Mother gave us one of the better twists on the show in recent memory, when Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) proposed to Robin (Cobie Smulders).  The big question was: where would they pick up from there? Meet the parents of course! Barney meets with Robin’s dad, and has a hard time impressing him. Most of the episode centers around this, and short of Barney dying his hair black (yes NPH with black hair), this was more serious then funny.

The humor was provided by Marshall (Jason Segal) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) struggling with baby Marvin, who hasn’t popped in days.  In addition to that, Lily is battling with Ted (Josh Radnor), over rights to plan the Barney-Robin wedding. I must say, Ted has his game. I mean, cream and lilac colors? Crushing it!


Most of the episode builds up to the conclusion.  Ted is constantly fighting for a DJ over a band, and eventually, in a “heated” discussion with Lily and Marshall, it becomes clear that Ted is really unhappy about Robin and Barney getting engaged.  What followed was pretty fantastic. We took a trip down memory lane of the times that Ted got beaten, battered, and bruised. He then confessed that when he found out about the engagement, it was like all of those moments, times a million.

There have been little signs for seasons now that there will be some sort of blow up between Ted, Barney, and Robin. There was one episode where Ted said that one of them did end up getting hurt. We just didn’t know which one yet.  After Ted’s speech complaining about how much it sucks, I have to think that something will happen, either before or after the wedding.

We get a pretty big clue about the mother to end the show. We already knew that they were going to meet at the wedding, but now we have a couple more clues. We fast forward four months, and Ted is talking with his old friend Rachel Bilson about how the band fell through the week before the wedding. She tells him that her roommate is in a band that just lost a gig for the next week.

Then, we go to the wedding, with Ted at the bar, watching Robin dancing with her dad. We pull out a bit, and get behind the band, then pan over to the base player.  Then we notice Ted look at her in awe, and we officially see Ted look at the mother for the first time. How I Met Your Mother has become an expert at teasing us, and while this really is just another tease, it at least felt like a bit bigger then that.

At this point, we have to get to the wedding by the end of the season right? We have to be building towards it I would think. What do you guys think? Will we meet the mom by the end of the season? Let us know in the comments!

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