CN Comics: BOOM! Studios Announces Regular Show Comic

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For the past year, comic publisher BOOM! Studios has been publishing a variety of Adventure Time comic book series’ under their kids’ imprint KaBOOM!. Besides the main Adventure Time series, written by Ryan North (author of webcomic Dinosaur Comics), the imprint has released two other 6-issue Adventure Time miniseries, Marceline and The Scream Queens (helmed by Meredith Gran, author of webcomic Octopus Pie), and now, Fionna & Cake (by creator of the two characters and character designer/storyboarder on the show, Natasha Allegri). KaBOOM! also started publishing an ongoing series based on Pendleton Ward’s Bravest Warriors back in October.

The publisher announced today it’s branching out of Pen Ward creations and grabbing hold of another very popular Cartoon Network title to turn into a comic: JG Quintel’s Regular Show.

Cover art by Chris Houghton.

The show airs on Monday nights at 8PM after Adventure Time and stars Mordecai & Rigby, a blue bird and a raccoon, who work at a park with Muscle Man, a buff green dude, High-Five Ghost, who is exactly what he sounds like he is, Skips, a wise yeti who only skips because of something in his past, Pops, a man shaped like a lollipop, and Benson, a gumball machine with a short temper who manages the park. The show is based on two student films by JG Quintel (“The Naive Man From Lolliland” and “2 in The AM PM”), and was originally pitched for Cartoon Network’s scrapped Cartoonstitute project.

The series will be released by BOOM! in April, and will be written by KC Green, well known for his webcomics Gunshow and Horribleville, and the art will be by Allison Strejlav. Comic Book Resources has an interview with KC about the comic today, in which he explains his approach to the upcoming series:

I’d personally like to do stories giving us more background of certain characters, like Muscle Man or Eileen and Margaret. Rigby and Mordecai are fun everymen — just fun slackers to bounce weird happenings off of — but there’s more there to have fun with. The episode I look too as a good idea of what I mean is “Trucker Hall of Fame” where Muscle Man’s father died and he has to scatter his trucker hat ashes at the Trucker Hall of Fame. Along the way Muscle Man learns a terrible secret about his father (he wasn’t a trucker) but still loves and respects him enough to fight ghosts of former truckers to fulfill his father’s wishes. That was a great ep. Beyond that, it’s still early and only some seeds of ideas are floating around in my head.

KC also mentions that he’s looking to do self-contained stories instead of long arcs, but that’s up to what BOOM! and JG Quintel want for the series.

Look for the first issue in April. And check out BOOM!’s other CN series now (Marceline & The Scream Queens has ended, Fionna & Cake issue one came out this month, AT issue 11 just came out– there is also a trade paperback of the first 4 issues available from KaBOOM!).

Kudos to CBR for the KC Green interview and news.

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