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ARCHER, “The Wind Cries Mary” Episode Recap

Once again, Archer doubled down on the use of spy tropes and cliches, but I do have to give the show credit for utilizing them more effectively this time around compared to the season premiere.

Archer’s best friend and former ISIS agent, Lucas Troy (voiced by Justified‘s Timothy Olyphant), was accused of stealing uranium and killing his ODIN co-workers before dying in a plane crash in Vermont. Sterling refused to believe what had happened and was convinced that Luke faked his death and was on a mission to find the mole responsible. As it turned out, Archer was right and Lucas was not dead, and he met up with his friend at a bed and breakfast that Lucas wanted to flip so they could start a new life together because he was in love with Sterling. Meanwhile, Lana and Cyril were hot on their trail as they bickered about the peer reviews Pam was making them fill out. Everything culminated with Lana figuring out a way to crush Lucas with a tree, which led to a death-bed confessional that shook everyone to their cores.Archer402

Double agents faking their deaths as a way to escape is nothing new, but leave it to Archer to put its own spin on it and make the same old story feel fun and new. It was pretty obvious that Lucas was guilty, but the fact that he did what he did as a way to get out of the spy game and to settle down with the man he loved was oddly sweet until he went on another attempted killing spree. I could’ve done without the homophobic undertones, and Troy’s confession about what happened one drunken night was dark even by this show’s standards, but overall “The Wind Cries Mary” was a solid episode from start to finish.

Other Odds and Ends:

  • I understand why the peer review stuff was added, but the bit wasn’t funny or developed enough to warrant time being wasted on it.
  • Oh, Krieger and his wacky experiments.
  • OK, maybe Archer’s reaction to Lucas being in love with him wasn’t unjustified (get it?), and Lucas did try to be the voice of tolerance, but the awkwardness of it all was slightly off-putting.
  • Speaking of Justified, I immediately thought of Mags when Lucas admitted to putting the drugs in the glass and not the bottle, but wasn’t sure if it was a true nod until I realized that he was being played by Olyphant. Sometimes this show’s too smart for me.

So in the end, “The Wind Cries Mary” changed things up just enough to keep me entertained, and it was a solid second effort after a somewhat lackluster start to Season 4. What did everyone else think? Sound off in the comments section.

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