2013 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest Finalists

Let’s be honest. Everyone watches the Super Bowl to solely catch the array of awesome new commercials from the country’s leading companies right?! Well, that’s why I watch the Super Bowl every year (unless the Titans or the Falcons are in playing which doesn’t exactly happen that often). Some of the coolest commercials are the crowd-sourced commercials. My favorite is the Doritos competition (the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest)! Every year, they allow anyone to enter a video into their contest. They are then placed on a site to which voters can choose their favorites. We then have to wait until Super Bowl Sunday to find out which video wins. The winner not only gets their commercial aired during the Super Bowl, they also stand a chance to win a big paycheck and a chance to work with Michael Bay. Now, some people hate on Michael Bay, but if you are an up-in-coming filmmaker, a chance to work with a big name director like Michael Bay is a huge opportunity.


With Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner, Doritos has it narrowed down to 5 finalists. All 5 are pretty good but I have my sneaking suspicions of which one will win (the goat). Check out the 5 finalist Doritos commercials below and be sure to comment with who you think will be this year’s ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ Doritos commercial winner!







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