Top 5 Most Questionable Holiday Cartoons

The standards for what is acceptable in cinema are in a constant state of evolution as we move toward a more compassionate and politically correct world.  While I can’t condone the following controversial material, it is still interesting to see the “artistic choices” of filmmakers of yore.  Now having given you the obligatory Leonard Maltin “it was a different time” preface, I am pleased to present to you this list of questionable animated shorts that don’t quite understand the meaning of the holidays.  There is something off about these cartoon Christmases…

[box_dark]Toyland Premier – 1934[/box_dark]

Santa is invited to a party of 1930’s Hollywood stars and is treated to a special performance by Al Jolson in blackface.

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[box_dark]Peace on Earth – 1939[/box_dark]

Woodland creatures discover a bible in a post-apocalyptic world where the last of humankind have murdered each other.

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[box_dark]Santa’s Surprise – 1947[/box_dark]

Stereotyped international children do something nice for Santa.

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[box_dark]Toy Tinkers – 1949[/box_dark]

Chip ‘n’ Dale’s quest for holiday treats escalates in to a WWI battle with Donald Duck.

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[box_dark]The Spirit of Christmas – 1995[/box_dark]

What fractured Christmas cartoon list would be complete without mentioning Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s original South Park classic!

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Don’t really know what to say after that…have a non-discriminatory, non-violent, totally P.C. holiday everyone!

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