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Most rites of passage today are particular to a gender, religion, community, or the like. There is one, however, that remains an obstacle to all, regardless of personal traits and affiliations.
struck by lightning
Yup, you guessed it: I’m talking about high school. A society comprised of and ruled by hormonal teenagers, dictated by fleeting emotions and groupthink. A world in which your individual identity is often defined for you by others, based on what you do, where you live, who you know, and how much money you’ve got to play with. High school can be the best four years of your life…or the worst.
struck by lightning
Just ask Carson Phillips. He spent his four years at Clover High School—and the fourteen before that—dreaming about getting far, far away from his small town and the people in it.

struck by lightning
Photo by Suzanne Houchin – © 2012 – Tribeca Film.

Unfortunately, before he could take even one step toward his future, he died—struck by lightning in the school parking lot. And while that totally sucks, Struck By Lightning, the story Carson’s last months, doesn’t suck at all.

Based on his book of the same name, Struck By Lightning is the first feature film written by Glee‘s Chris Colfer. A dark coming-of-age dramedy helmed by Brian Dannelly (Saved!), Struck By Lightning boasts a tremendous cast that includes Chris Colfer, Rebel WilsonAllison JanneyChristina HendricksDermot MulroneySarah Hyland, Allie Grant, Ashley Rickards, Graham RogersCarter JenkinsMatt ProkopAngela Kinsey, and Polly Bergen.

Beginning with his untimely demise, the primary narrative of Struck By Lightning is a postmortem examination of the months leading up to Carson’s (Colfer) death. Desperate to impress the college of his dreams, Carson starts a literary magazine. There’s just one problem: no one wants to write for it. Frustrated by his peers’ lack of interest, and a Homecoming float incident, Carson and his best/only friend Malerie (Wilson) initiate “Operation Clovergate”—a series of targeted blackmails designed to force the in-crowd to contribute original submissions to the magazine.

struck by lightning
Photo by Suzanne Houchin – © 2012 – Tribeca Film.

The success or failure of Operation Clovergate is not my secret to divulge. Nor would I tell you if I could. Trust me: you’ll enjoy the frank sarcasm and intelligent humor of getting Struck By Lightning for yourself.

And, if I still haven’t managed to pique your interest, consider this: Doesn’t a movie that kills its protagonist before the end of the opening credits inspire at least a little curiosity?!

struck by lightning

Struck By Lightning
Release Dates: January 11, 2013 (Theatrical), December 19, 2012 (On Demand)
Genre: Comedy/Drama  ||  MPAA Rating: NR  ||  Run Time: 84 mins.

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